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Bad babbling Brooke's talk of the school; CORRIE EXCLUSIVE1.

Byline: Alice Walker

STREET actress Brooke Vincent was top of the class at school - for gobby behaviour.

The 19-year-old star, who plays lesbian Sophie Webster, has revealed she was a thorn in the side of teachers with her disruptive manner and nonstop chatter.

Her school report shows she was in trouble in virtually every subject she took at Fairfield High School for Girls in Droylsden, Manchester.

The 2006 report scolds her for "talking when warned to be quiet" in art class.

In French she was reprimanded for "talking and arguing back".

Her geography tutor rollocked her for "talking, not listening" and in maths she was moved in class for constant chatting.

In English she failed to hand in homework and in technology her behaviour was "silly".

She got a black mark in IT for shouting "bugger", had a "poor attitude" in science and was disruptive in food lessons. Brooke, who has posted the report on Twitter, tweeted: "Think I must have been born a talker Haha."

A pal said: "That's Brooke all over. She never stops talking. She probably talks in her sleep."

But the star must have paid some attention because she left school with 11 GCSEs.

Everything's Rosie: P30-31


YOU ARE WAFFLE: Star and report
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 18, 2011
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