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Bad Santa 2.


Timing is everything. When Terry Zwigoff's "Bad Santa" blundered its way through so many trip wires of polite discourse back in 2003, its commitment to extreme foulness and political incorrectness had an undeniably bracing effect, especially considering it hit theaters within weeks of the likes of "Love Actually" and "Cheaper by the Dozen." Thirteen years later, we have a sequel, and even if director Mark Waters had managed to strike the same delicate balance with "Bad Santa 2" as his predecessor, it's hard to imagine a worse time for a film whose entire raison d'etre is the willful violation of cultural norms and good taste, than a period of history where the same things are occurring at the highest levels of government.

Director: Mark Waters Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox, Christina Hendricks

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Author:Barker, Andrew
Article Type:Movie review
Date:Nov 22, 2016
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