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Bad Girls.

Hanging out past curfew could get you a one-way ticket to the Big House, according to an American Bar Association (ABA) study. While juvenile crimes dropped among boys, the arrest rate for girls has jumped 83 percent in 20 years! Girls are more likely than boys to return to detention centers after release, and girls are arrested more often for running away than boys. Worse, the juvenile justice system isn't set up to handle troubled girls. "People need to take a fresh look at the differences between girls and boys," says ABA's Mary Ann Scali. She says up to 90 percent of delinquent girls have been sexually or physically abused, but that these issues are rarely addressed. Rigid rule setting rehabilitates in a way that promotes distance between staff and teens. "Girls need to talk things out," says Nikki Daniels, executive director of an all-girls program. "They need to think it through, process it and have somebody to talk with."
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Title Annotation:increase in juvenile crimes by girls
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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