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Bacon Mishaps Bring Michigan's Jews, Muslims Together.

Call it the Detroit Peace Plan: These days, nothing is bringing the Motor City's Jews and Muslims closer than suing fast food franchises over the accidental inclusion of bacon in orders that ought to have been kosher or halal.

The trendif two incidents in the span of a few days a trend makesbegan last month when Angela Montgomery, a 30-year-old Jewish woman residing in Sterling Heights, walked into her neighborhood Denny's and ordered the loaded veggie omelette. It arrived , but along side the three eggs, fresh spinach, mushrooms, sauted zucchini and squash, diced tomatoes, and melted Swiss cheese promised on the menu, Montgomery was in for a piggish surprise: bits of bacon.

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Author:Leibovitz, Liel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Geographic Code:1U3MI
Date:Sep 8, 2017
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