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Backup power keeps ticket operation running.

Backup Power Keeps Ticket Operation Running A California ticket agency that depends on equipment 70 miles away makes sure it stays on-line with an uninterruptible power system.

Bass/TM Tickets, northern California licensee of Ticket-master, serves the San Francisco Bay area, with a remote office in Sacramento.

Its private line setup involves remote centers that request tickets via computer. When the mainframe sees a ticket request, it allows the remote site or order fulfillment operator to print off tickets to fill the order.

Bass/TM links Sacramento and the Bay Area with a T1 circuit used for 20 incoming charge-by-phone lines and four data lines. Those data lines give the Sacramento terminals and outlets access to the headquarters mainframe.

The agency has a number of routing options to continue to provide backup service for the T1 system.

"If power to the T1 equipment failed, we'd have to do some call forwarding and have the phone company route calls directly to our 415 (Oakland) number to take a customer's order," says Peter Bramson, director of ticket centers. "There is dial backup at the sites where data is being transferred."

To keep the T1 up, Bass/TM uses an Emerson Computer Power AP 1500 UPS hooked to its T1 channel bank. Bramson picked that unit because of its price and because it provided the uptime he needed--two hours at 50%

After the San Francisco earthquake in October 1989, the company moved its headquarters 20 miles east to Concord, Calif.

Bass/TM will add three more UPSs to back up the T1 channel banks that connect callers in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland with the headquarters mainframe. The company also has 12 to 15 multiplexer sites as well as some other locations where it is considering adding backup.

The UPS in use in Sacramento operates off line. It continuously suppliers the channel bank with conditioned power. It can switch to battery power in less than four milliseconds.
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Title Annotation:Bass/TM Tickets
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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