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Backstage: Arnie dyeing to look young.

ACTION hero-turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger maintains his youthful looks with hair dye -and even gets pedicures,a salon owner has revealed.

The 56-year-oldTerminator star,now the Governor of California, visits a Beverly Hills salon twice a month for his pampering,according to Giuseppe Franco.

``He comes in maybe twice a month and gets a haircut and sometimes a pedicure for an ingrown toenail from his body-building days,'' saidMr Franco, who called Schwarzenegger a ``dear,dear friend of mine``.

``And sometimes he gets a little colour -medium brown - on his sideburns. Most of the men do that,of course,''he told the New York Daily News. The hair dye is free,he said: ``It's only a drop. My Catholic guilt would keep me awake at night if I charged him for that.''

Schwarzenegger is no stranger to beauty treatments. In an interview in Vanity Fair last summer the muscle-bound actor said his greatest fear was bikini waxing.

``I am petrified of bikini waxing. I had a very bad experience in 1978,''he said.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 21, 2004
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