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BackTrack from StrandWare Tracks Computers, Components and other Office Assets; Bar Code-Based System Tracks Computer Movement, Inventory and Depreciation.

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 10, 2001

The BackTrack(R) Group, a division of StrandWare(R) Inc., a leading provider of bar code labeling and tracking software products, has added computer parts tracking to its online Applications Library. Available at, the computer and computer parts asset tracking template is an add-on for the popular BackTrack tracking application. The add-on is offered for free to BackTrack resellers and customers.

The computer tracking add-on module helps companies track desktop computers, mobile notebook systems and even component parts, such as CD-ROMs, tape backup modules, circuit boards and other valuable components. In addition, it is ideal for tracking audiovisual equipment, as well as other corporate assets, such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and other employee-assigned equipment.

BackTrack computer parts tracking is already helping major companies manage their assets. "At Motorola, we use BackTrack in our software development lab to help us keep tabs on the equipment used by our testers," commented Martin Sabaj, Motorola laboratory support engineer. "We track over 1,300 components on about a hundred test workstations right down to the revision level on the circuit boards. That way we know exactly what components we have in each system, which helps us when we need to do system calibrations and upgrades."

BackTrack opens the door to inventory and expense management

BackTrack computer tracking enables a number of value-added asset management capabilities. Using bar codes and Portable Data Terminal (PDT) scanners, physical equipment inventories can be easily and quickly conducted. Customized reports summarize equipment movement, assignments and responsibilities, and facilitate maintenance schedules and repair equipment inventories.

In addition, equipment managers can track purchase dates of systems and component parts to help them save money by taking advantage of manufacturers' warrantee periods. With a detailed inventory, equipment managers can also easily plan for software updates by pre-qualifying systems to ensure that they meet minimum equipment requirements. By knowing the capabilities of each system, equipment managers can also better plan upgrades and save on hardware investments by cascading equipment (assigning older equipment to less demanding tasks) or harvesting valuable components from systems before disposal.

An added benefit is that, using BackTrack's math functions, equipment managers can calculate equipment depreciation and insurance costs, and develop other reports that require accurate valuations of equipment inventory.

"Computer asset tacking is a fundamental way for companies to use their assets more efficiently in order to save money," said Mike Strand, StrandWare president and CEO. "This free BackTrack add-on is an easy, inexpensive way for large and small companies, government departments, and virtually any organization to extend asset tracking to both fixed and mobile computers and devices."

The BackTrack Applications Library

The applications announced today are part of the BackTrack Applications Library -- a series of applications for business, government and other organizations. The applications, developed by knowledgeable systems integrators and end-users, are pre-packaged templates that allow users to quickly and easily implement fully developed solutions. In addition to the computer tracking application, the Library includes applications for the law profession, clinical laboratories, manufacturing equipment and maintenance, food handling, child protection and government agencies. All of the add-on applications are available for free at in the "Product Uses" section. The name and contact information of the developer is listed in the event that further information or consulting services are needed. Application add-ons require BackTrack version 4.2 or higher running on a personal computer with the Microsoft Windows platform.

About StrandWare

StrandWare is a Microsoft Certified software manufacturer of a complete family of innovative bar code label design, printing and tracking software. Since its founding in 1988, StrandWare has been a pioneer in the data collection industry with groundbreaking PC-based labeling products that feature full graphic design capabilities and that support all common bar codes and label printers. StrandWare's BackTrack Group offers BackTrack tracking software that helps organizations cut costs by efficiently labeling, tracking and managing information. The company is a leader in Business Efficiency Solutions through Tracking (BEST) technologies. With a worldwide installed base of over 150,000, StrandWare's products are used by all of Fortune's top 15 companies and 65 of the top 100. Its software is sold through a network of over 2000 dedicated channel partners. For more information, contact StrandWare at 800/552-2331, fax 715/833-1995, or visit the company's Web site at

NOTE TO EDITORS: BackTrack and StrandWare are registered trademarks of StrandWare Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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