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Back-to-back is back with a bang.

The buzz is getting louder for A Lani Morisette Musical Journey, the upcoming concert of powerhouse singers Lani Misalucha and Morisette Amon.

Just to be clear, the show is not a tribute to Alanis Morissette, the Canadian-American songwriter-singer who has also ventured into acting. Morissette catapulted to worldwide success when she launched in 1995 her rock-inflected album Jagged Little Pill, one of the biggest-selling albums of all time.

It's probably a witty attempt to come up with a catchy title that's meant to draw in the crowds for the two-night concert scheduled on September 22 and 23 at The Theatre of Solaire Resort and Casino.

Misalucha, the more senior of the two, has been based in the United States for many years now and she only flies back to the Philippines either for vacation, or for some select performances.

'The Philippines will always be home,' she said, adding. 'It always feels good to be home, whether I'm here to visit relatives and friends, or do some shows, like this particular one with Morisette.'

She was at the peak of her illustrious career when she made a decision to leave Manila. 'We all have our priorities in life. My priority has always been my family. Even when I was starting to make a name in the music industry, I knew that my priority was to nurture and raise a family.'

She added, 'And I've never regretted what I did for love, for the love of my family. It might be hard to comprehend for others, leaving a promising career and settling overseas, but now I can say that I'm enjoying the best of both worlds. I'm happy with my family and I can choose the projects that will make me a better person and a happier artist.'

Misalucha admitted that her excitement for this forthcoming musical collaboration with Amon has been growing now that there's only a few weeks to go before the show opens. 'We're almost done in finalizing the list of songs that will be included in the repertoire. We did a lot of mixing and matching, and although I cannot reveal the final choices at this time, one thing's for sure-the songs, the duets, and the production numbers have been carefully selected, all for this one goal of pleasing the Manila audience.'

Amon has only good words for Misalucha. 'I don't only admire her, but she has my highest respect, as a woman, as an artist and as a colleague in this industry.'

During a recent media gathering, Misalucha gave Amon some bits of advise, which the younger singer took to heart. 'All of our talents, all of our skills were given to us from heaven. It can go away anytime, it can be taken away from you in a snap. So we have to be grateful all the time.'

'Great artists like Lani Misalucha came before my generation and have achieved so much not only for their individual careers but also for the country. I'm humbled that she agreed to be part of this back-to-back musical journey knowing that I'm a newcomer,' Amon intoned.

Amon is taking slow but well-planned steps as her musical star continues to shine and illuminate many concert venues, both in the Philippines and overseas. Her recent solo shows in major cities like Cebu and Davao were a huge success, and this back-to-back show with Misalucha will no doubt up her ante in the local music scene.

A Lani Moristte Musical Journey, the concert, takes off after the well-attended back-to-back show of Jojit Paredes and Ronnie Henares last weekend, also held at The Theater at Solaire.
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Publication:Business Mirror (Makati City, Philippines)
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Date:Sep 2, 2018
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