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Back-end services drive loyalty.

FLINT, Mich. -- Providing back-end services to retailers that fill specialty prescriptions for patients is a key function at Diplomat Pharmacy.

The work entails access issues such as prior authorizations as well as appeals and efforts with health care foundations to overcome financial barriers for patients.

Educating patients on why it's critical for them to stay adherent to therapy is a crucial component. The goal of the program can be described as providing all the services to patients in a timely manner to accelerate their therapy, says retail specialty network senior director Ela Lourido. "Diplomat is essentially the back-end specialty pharmacy services provider," Lourido says. "While the services are performed with Diplomat's name in the background, the work still drives brand loyalty among patients, prescribers and payers."

"Diplomat has the capability to help retailers complete the preauthorization process in a timely manner and get the patient started on therapy as quickly as possible," she notes, adding that the company also plays a major role when it comes to adherence. "All of these patients that we're managing on behalf of our retailers go through a compliance and persistency call that's generally done seven days before the patient wraps out of therapy."

That call is a critical one for patients in a retail setting, says Lourido. "Not only do we understand how the patient is doing on therapy during this call but we also have the opportunity to course-correct if they're not doing well. For instance, if a patient is having an adverse event, that's the opportune time for our clinical pharmacist to connect with their prescriber and try to identify whether a different course of therapy needs to take place. That goes for side effects as well."

She says that partnering with Diplomat appeals to retailers because it helps them become more relevant in the specialty space and maintain critical services to patients at their stores. "The biggest value proposition that our retailers continuously point to is our capability to help them with prior authorizations and turn those around quickly and our ability to help with foundation support and to establish funds for these patients, not only through co-pay cards that are available through the manufacturers but also through 501(c)(3) charitable foundations."

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Title Annotation:State of the Industry: the Chains: Diplomat; Diplomat Pharmacy
Comment:Back-end services drive loyalty.(State of the Industry: the Chains: Diplomat)(Diplomat Pharmacy)
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Date:Apr 18, 2016
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