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Back-arc spreading systems; geological, biological, chemical, and physical interactions.


Back-arc spreading systems; geological, biological, chemical, and physical interactions.

Ed. by David M. Christie et al.

American Geophysical Union


303 pages



Geophysical monograph; 166


Christie (U. of Alaska Fairbanks) et al. gather together 10 papers and three case studies that study the geological, biological, chemical, and physical interactions that occur along back-arc basin spreading centers. Chapters were taken from the Ridge 2000-InterRidge Theoretical Institute, "Interactions among Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Geological Processes in Backarc Spreading Systems," held on Jeju Island, South Korea, in May of 2004. Topics include GPS studies of convergent margins, the Lau Basin, mantle material, the melting process, hydrothermal chemistry, and the role of volatiles in hydrothermal metal transport and ore deposition. Others address microbial ecology, hydrothermal animal communities, and vent fauna, and the case studies consider the east Scotia Sea, the Bismarck Sea, and the West Philippine Basin. The book is aimed at experienced researchers and students in the fields of marine geology, biological oceanography, marine geochemistry, volcanology, petrology, and geo- and paleomagnetism.

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