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Back of the courthouse toilet door.

A.P. How long do we have to wait? 4 --UntiL you do something else Wrong J.P. FUCK You A.P. LOVES J.P. = ania loves jacek who fUCk You ap4jp cares fuck you ALL POLICE SHOULD fUCK you fUCK YOU BE SHOT AT BIRTH FUCK YOU --before birth (abortion) I'll Shit fuck YOU --how can you say this? how die Happens Fuck you you know if you could have a in fuck YOu baby that it turns out to be a there Ania Placek fuck YOU policeman? 4 Fuck you I'D SPEW abort Jacek Placek fuck YOU Police are CUNTS Fuck ya I AGREE I AGREE TOO I didnt get to FucK yOU say anything fUCK yO bonds FUCK YOU are a joke POLICE ARE THERE TO fuck PROTECT YOU - RESPECT THEM you too AND THEY WILL TAKE LAWYERS fuck you again CARE OF YOU 4 FUCK --Yeah! - after JUDGES FUCK YOU, youwanker they rape yo WANK OFF, FUCK YOU howcan we pay then POLICE the $2800? they charge 4 FUCK YOU you with pro LAWYWERS fuck you fuck s POLICEfuckingFUCK YOU 4 police fuCk yOU FUCK! Police are cunts cunts POLICE Fuck YouAnia4Jacek4EVA POLICE fuck you fuck youfuck you fuck you 4 HE GOT OFF fuck fuck fuckfuckuck fuck JUDGES fuckfuc I'M YOURS 4EVA SimOn BOrnOM iS (LOVEANIA) anniaplaceklovesjacekplacek a lieing barStarD uckfuck nofucking toiletpaparfuck fuck this place stinks fuck FucKinG Jenny Farrow's boyfriend Only Got 3MOnths LOCKIE WINS AGAIN IN THE WAR AGAINST THE PIGS My darling Jacek, all the things that have gone wr ong and I stood by yoy all that time and now I will always stand byy you no matter what happens in the future. We wil always be together my darling husband and I will aiwa love you to the end of time and 4 yrs is not forever and I can love you it doesn't matter Ja uwielbiam Ciebie, moj kochany I love you, my Daring Sarah Carmela Helen Endacott

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Author:Endacott, Sarah Carmela Helen
Date:May 1, 1995
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