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SOLVING the riddle of how Holmes survived a fall at the end of the last series of Sherlock was far from elementary.

But Jonathan Creek star Alan Davies has claimed he knows the answer - because a similar stunt was featured in an episode of his show.

"I know how he got away with it but I'm not telling you," Davies said. "We did a similar thing in Jonathan Creek when someone jumped off a roof at a party that's all I'm saying."

Davies' claim came as Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as Holmes, was spotted by a bonfire in Bristol filming scenes for the BBC1 drama.

The Jonathan Creek episode that Alan is thought to be referring to is 1998's The Problem of Gallow's Gate, in which a man fakes his own death by jumping off a roof onto a grass-covered trapdoor with a net underneath.

On the pavement which Cumberbatch, 36, jumps on to, there is a very faint chalk line - suggesting a similar trap door. Crucially, the point of impact is never shown to either the viewer or sidekick Watson, played by Martin Freeman.

IMPACT The Mirror has previously revealed how he may have used a squash ball in his arm to stop his pulse when Freeman, 41, goes to check whether he is still alive.

Sherlock had previously been seen playing with a ball in earlier scenes.

Cumberbatch was seen this week filming in Bristol with Freeman's partner Amanda Abbington, 39, for the opening episode of the third series, which is due to air later this year. She is new to the cast.

Davies, 47, explained how the trick is done in the 1998 episode in character as sleuth Creek. He said: "Everyone saw him but nobody saw him land. There was a gap of maybe seven or eight seconds, which is when they did the clever bit.

"He needed at least two accomplices: one up top, one below. Leaping off a second floor balcony's no big deal if there's something to catch you at the bottom - if you've dug yourself a big hole with a tightly sprung net inside rigged up a camouflage frame covered in turf which slides across."


ON CASE Z Benedict filming on Monday

Could this be a removable panel covering a net? FILMING J He is alive & well
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 27, 2013
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