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Back To Europe With A Busy Body.

Back To Europe With A Busy Body

Mary Jane Wilson

Waldo Bruce Publishers Inc.

9974 Scripps Ranch Boulevard, #195, San Diego, CA

0977363708 $20.00

Back To Europe With A Busy Body is more of an armchair traveler's extravaganza come alive than a practical travel guide. There are no maps, or listings of restaurants and hotels--instead, Back To Europe With A Busy Body gives the author's humorous perspective upon great people, locations steeped in tradition, historical trivia, and much more from France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Holland to Poland, Greece, and more. The colorful lives of historic figures from the 1800's to 4000 B.C. are tongue-in-cheek summarized, as are notable events and key instances of historic gestalt. Back To Europe With A Busy Body is an excellent supplement for would-be travelers in Europe curious about where they should travel and what they should see, and a most relaxing and engaging read for everyone else who would experience a slice of insight into Europe's rich history and noteworthy figures without the cost of physical travel.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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