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Back AGPU up right.

Almost every crew chief or mechanic has used an aviation ground power unit (AGPU). So think back. Did the AGPU have a bent or damaged drawbar, tongue assembly and axle, or even a broken pivot bolt?

Some believe that sharp vehicle turns made at less than the prescribed radius is the problem. Others believe that the pintle of the tow vehicle is too tall and it holds the drawbar up at too sharp an angle or that careless backing is the cause.

There seem to be all kinds of causes, but the best solution to this problem is simple--Never back the AGPU with any vehicle!

The AGPU is self-propelled, but it's quicker to pull it with a tug to those distant aircraft on the flight line. When you get to the bird, always maneuver and position the AGPU using onboard power. When the AGPU must be backed up, the operator should do it using AGPU power--not a vehicle.

As a reminder, stencil a CAUTION-DO NOT BACK WITH VEHICLE on the front, upper-left side of the AGPU on the opposite side from the fire extinguisher. This will remind tug drivers not to back up!
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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