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Babysitting star: Vanessa Morgan tells us about her career as an actress, singer and her starring rote on My Babysitter's a Vampire.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa Morgan is a multi-talented teen from Ottawa, Ontario. She is currently starring in the Teletoon TV series, My Babysitter's a Vampire, which was created after the movie was such a hit! Vanessa can also sing and is studying philosophy at Queen's University (although she's taking some time off right now to shoot a new Disney series called Ant Farm). At only 20 years old Vanessa has starred in movies, recorded hit songs and is now fulfilling one of her childhood dreams of playing a vampire, or half vampire to be more exact.

Find out More:

Let's talk to Vanessa and find out what it's been like to develop her career as an actress and see how she likes playing the role of Sarah!

KW: Vanessa, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you came into your career as a singer/actress?

VM: Well, I was born in Ottawa, Ontario and I moved to Palm Springs, California where I was raised until I was about ten and that's where I started singing. First I did musicals, pageants and things like that and then I was noticed by an agent when I was singing at the Palm Springs Date Festival. And then I started doing commercials and then a little TV movie and then I moved back to Canada and continued with that.

KW: How did you prepare yourself for a career in singing and acting?

VM: guess I always thought would be a singer because I started that when I was six.

So singing was the main thing, then it wasn't until grade nine when I was thirteen when I actually decided to take acting seriously and when I booked my first series. And then singing was kind of put on hold because I was acting full time for the series.

KW: What do you think it takes to be a successful singer?

VM: Basically lots of practice, when I was younger I trained with a lot of vocal coaches. And, just loving what you do.

KW: How about acting? What does that take?

VM: When I was younger I took some acting classes but for acting it's really just about confidence. If you second-guess yourself that's when you can mess up and if you're worried that it's not supposed to be said this way or that way, that's when you can run into problems. And whenever you go into auditions just think that you're the best and it will really come out in the acting.

KW: Are you in School?

VM: I go to Queen's University but I am taking the semester off because I'm in L.A. at the moment, I am here for pilot season to do some auditioning and I'm also filming Ant Farm.

KW: Being so busy with work, when you are in school, how do you balance your studies as well?

VM: I guess just doing the work. A lot of people will come home from set and maybe not do any work, they're like "ah, whatever." But I actually do the work, even though it means staying up late and not having much of a social life, but you know, I just kind of got used to it.

KW: How did you get the role of Sarah on My Babysitter's a Vampire?

VM: Well I was asked to audition for it because the producer was friends with a producer from the movie Harriet the Spy which I did and they recommended me for the role. So I was asked to audition, I came for the final round and it worked out!

KW: Did you ever imagine that you'd be playing the role of a vampire?

VM: I never thought that I would, but it has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid, having an obsession about vampires and witches and stuff like that. It was always a dream, I always hoped "if only I could play a vampire one day ..." and then it actually happened!

KW: So what's with the vampire craze these days?

VM: I think it's the idea of beautiful people living forever and there's usually deep love stories behind it and people being immortal I think it's very alluring. I don't know, I think it's really romantic and mysterious and I think that's very attractive for people.

KW: What is it like working on set? Is it hard work or tons of fun?

VM: It's a mix of both. It's a lot of hard work, but it's a lot of fun at the same time cause the scripts are awe-some. Everyone gets along pretty well, were like a big family because we've worked together a lot now, so it's definitely my favourite set I've ever worked on.

Ma Do you believe in Vampires?

VM: Hmm ... you know what? It's very possible. I think anything is possible.

KW: Do you like scary movies?

VM: I am the biggest scaredy-cat so I don't really watch scary movies, but being scared once in a while is fun because you can joke around with your friends and feel better afterwards but I like the balance of scary and funny.

KW: Who are your career idols?

VM: I really like Rachel McAdams, I think she's amazing; Amanda Seyfried, I really like her acting; Halle Berry and Zoe Deschanel, from that show The New Girl. I think her comedic timing is amazing.

KW: What future projects do you have planned?

VM: I'm hoping to book some big series maybe for CW or a big feature. I also hope that Vampire continues with another movie and another season I guess right now the only thing that I have planned that's a hundred per cent is Ant Farm, which I start next week.

KW: And what about singing can we expect more of that from you? Ti a Yeah, I would love to. As soon as I have more time to put into the studio I would love to do that.

KW: Whhat roles are you dying to play or what TV shows would you love to be a part of?

VM: Glee would be pretty awesome! If I got to sing and act that would be amazing. Game of Thrones is phenomenal too.

About the Show

Vanessa played the role of Sarah in the My Babysitter's a Vampire movie and is now playing her on the TV show. Her character is hired to babysit Ethan, a geeky high-schooler who is WAY too old to need a 'sitter. But when he finds out the beautiful Sarah is going to be watching over him, he's Benny, soon find out that Sarah has a lot more to her than meets the eye and they get caught up in countless evil-fighting adventures together with their "babysitter"

Thanks to Vanessa Morgan for taking some time to talk to us! kidsworld wishes her all the best and can see her fitting right in on the set of Glee! Good Luck with your future goals Vanessa!


When she's not on your TV screen, you might have caught Vanessa performing somewhere else ... here are some of her past projects:

* Singing the national anthem at Ottawa Senators' hockey games

* Acting in Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars. Vanessa starred as one of the super competitive high schoolers trying to get awarded for the best blog in the school.

* Acting as a young Halle Berry (wow!) in a big screen flick, Frankie and A/ice.

* Playing one of the lead roles on The Latest Buzz -- a comedy television show that previously aired on The Family Channel.

* In one of her many YouTube performances where she sings incredible covers and her own original songs.

If you've liked everything she's done so far, just wait to see what Vanessa does next!


That as well as acting in the TV series, Vanessa sang the theme song for one of her previous shows, The Latest Buzz?
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