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Baby walker warning.

The Canadian Pediatric Society recently issued a public condemnation of circular, wheeled baby walkers, but it's unlikely their colleagues in the United States will follow in their footsteps.

According to Victor Marchessault, executive vice-president of the Canadian society, a study of walker-related accidents prompted the warning. "Parents think the walker's safety device, but it's really a danger device," he told SCIENCE NEWS.

U.S. data indicate from one-third to one-half of infants who use walkers eventually experience an injury, says Joseph Greensher, chief of the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Accident and Poison Prevention." Walkers offer no advantage as far as lerning to walk -- not earlier or better," he adds.

Although the Canadian group plans to ask for a recall if unsatisfied with steps taken by the Canadian consumer affairs department, Greensher says legal implications prevent a similar effort in the United States. But he says U.S. doctors are being advised "unofficially" about the dangers. "As pediatricians, they shouldn't be advising [the walker's] use," he says.
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Publication:Science News
Date:Oct 19, 1985
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