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Baby corn you can crowd it.

Boby corn . . . you can crowd it

Although it's easy to grow baby ears of corn like the ones served in Chinese restaurants, it's practical only if you have considerable garden space. Plants are big (they are common sweet corn), but the ears, harvested when the silks first appear, are tiny.

You can increase your yield by spacing plants close together in the row. Because ears aren't expected to reach full size, plants can stand 5 or 6 inches apart instead of the customary 12. Except for spacing, grow just as you would any corn. You need not worry about planting in blocks for pollination. If you want to freeze your crop, plant hybrid seed; ears will all be harvestable at the same time.

Photo: Harvest finger-sized ears of corn when silks first show. Whole ears including cobs are tasty. Note the close spacing shown below; you can crowd plants because ears are not expected to size up
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Date:Mar 1, 1984
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