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Baby bump art is labour of love.

Byline: Catherine.Lillington Staff Reporter

IT'S the latest trend for mums-tobe - and babies are getting a kick out of it too.

Artist Katie Painter was already painting faces and has now begun transforming BABY BUMPS into mini works of art.

So far she's decorated about seven mummies' tummies and the designs have featured a teddy with a rainbow, a butterfly and a stork.

"I did get a baby kick when I was doing my first mum," said Katie, 30, from Walsall.

"If you're talking to the mum, the babies tend to wake up and wriggle around.

"Once you start painting, the belly becomes like a face or a canvas. Once the paint's on there, it doesn't become a baby bump any more."

EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa kick-started the demand for belly painting when she and her boyfriend Dan Osborne decided to paint her tummy like a Kinder Egg.

As the couple are expecting a daughter, they added in a baby girl peeking out of the top of the egg.

Katie, whose business is called Pixie Dust Party, began face-painting in April last year and the baby bumps business grew out of that.

She said: "I've had a really positive response. One of the ladies I painted said she had shown her midwife who said how lovely it was.

"Sometimes they've had a design that's special to them. The lady with the butterfly said it was quite significant to her."

Mums-to-be pay PS30 for the artwork, which takes about one hour to complete. They can then show their future children photos from before they were born, said Katie.

"It's a memory, like having a cast made," she said.

Expectant mum Claire Picken, 29, had a giant cupcake daubed on to her bump.

The teacher, from Walsall, is already a mum to five-year-old Oliver and is expecting another boy on August 26.

"I didn't want to wash it off afterwards," she said.

"I thought my baby might kick a little bit more during the painting but I think it might have relaxed him. It's something I booked and I said to my little boy, 'It will be nice to show your brother when he's a little older.'.

"When you take pictures of a bump it doesn't mean a lot to children, but this is quite child-friendly and a nice way to celebrate. "I hadn't heard of it for my last pregnancy and Oliver loved it!" More information is available at |


Katie Painter creating a design on Claire Picken's baby bump. Left, some more designs |

Pregnant Claire Picken with her impressive cake design on her baby bulge designed by Katie Painter of Pixie Dust Party

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Date:May 29, 2015
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