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Baby bird rescued by have-acrow hero; EXCLUSIVE.


A CROW rescued a baby pigeon from certain death by twice dragging it to safety from a busy road after it fell out of its nest.

The bird was too young to fly so the crow picked it up in its beak and moved it to the gutter after a narrow miss with a passing car.

When the persistent pigeon went on to the road a second time, the crow again stepped in - this time leaving it on the pavement.

The footage was caught by City trader Chuka Okey, 28, who started recording because he had never seen a baby pigeon before.

Chuka said: "It was truly astonishing to watch. The pigeon looked doomed until the crow swooped in.

"I was amazed that a bird like that could be so aware that the pigeon was in danger."

Chuka, of Brockley, South London, added: "It just goes to show acts of kindness are not reserved to humans.

"I have no doubt that the pigeon's days would have been numbered had the crow not stepped in."

However, experts have a slightly different take on its seemingly heroic actions.

The British Trust of Ornithology said: "Crows are intelligent and I'm sure it knew what it was doing.

"Unfortunately, they survive by eating road kill so it's most likely it was moving the bird to eat it later. But you never know."

In spite of the scepticism, the final moments of the footage show the crow flying away, leaving the pigeon safe and well on the pavement.

WATCH the amazing crow rescue at


Saviour... crow steps in
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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