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Baby Kaan's very scary start to life; HOW NEWBORN BATTLED WITH MENINGITIS INFECTION.


BABY Kaan hadn't been feeding well and was "very sleepy," his mum had noticed.

But little did she know that her gorgeous newborn had bacterial meningitis.

Sasha Rahman, 31, said that to the untrained eye he looked "fine."

However, a check-up before leaving North Tees Hospital, in Stockton, revealed something wasn't right.

Kaan was breathing quickly - but he had no rash, one of the common symptoms of meningitis. He was whisked away to the neo-natal unit, had his bloods taken and was put "straight onto antibiotics."

While on the ward he was also placed on oxygen and had to be given a sugar drip.

Kaan also had more tests. It was thought he might have been suffering from pneumonia or even sepsis.

Mum-of-three Sasha said: "It was suspected sepsis because he had been treated so quickly to kill off the infection it couldn't be confirmed."

It turned out to be meningitis - an infection of the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord.

Sasha, from Ingleby Barwick, added: "I went into absolute meltdown. I couldn't take in what they were saying. As soon as you hear that word infection.

"It gave me really bad anxiety." She continued: "I was thinking something tragic is going to happen. I remember keeping asking them 'Is he going to die?'" Sasha stayed in hospital for four nights on the maternity ward before going home without her baby, which she says was a "really unnatural feeling."

"The first week was the hardest. I can't even remember driving home. My mind was all over the place. You sort of feel like you're grieving. I couldn't settle on the night but I knew he was in the best hands and the best place he could be in," Sasha said.

"I still had the other two children at home who needed me. You do feel like you're grieving."

Kaan was on antibiotics for two weeks and came home on October 1. Now nearly five weeks old, Kaan is "fine" though he will have to go to hospital every six months to check he's hitting his milestones.

Stay-at-home mum Sasha, who is married to company director husband Imran, has praised the neo-natal staff at North Tees.

She said: "They were amazing on the neonatal ward.

"They explained procedures that were happening in a way that was understandable to somebody not trained in nursing, they made me feel comfortable with everything that was happening. They were very supportive to me and my family."

On December 26, Sasha is going to be taking on Seaton Carew's Boxing Day dip along with a number of other women.

Claire Johnson, from Clubbercise Cleveland with Claire, is getting her class ladies, friends and family together to take part in the annual sea dip.

Sasha is raising money for Neoangels which supports the families of sick and premature babies on the neo-natal unit.

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Kaan Rahman

Kaan Rahman with nurses Michelle, Jayne and Julie

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Oct 20, 2018
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