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Baby Felicity 'looks like a tiny doll'.

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Baby's name: Felicity June Matthews Date and place of birth: September 5 at 4.12pm at the University Hospital of Wales Weight: 6lb 7oz Parents: Mum Sarah Bunce, 27, a psychology student at Cardiff University and dad Gareth Matthews, 28, a software developer Mum's story: "I was really sick during the whole pregnancy and at first the doctor thought it was just morning sickness but I actually had hyperemesis gravidarum (HG).

"I was being sick more than 20 times a day and when I started bringing up blood I went to A&E and they put me on medication which is for chemotherapy patients, which is what they give to pregnant women with HG.

"It was very hard to eat and at times all I could stomach was cereal.

"At 19 weeks I started having heartburn.

"Then one day, at 37 weeks, while I was throwing up I heard a pop sound and my waters broke.

"We had a few other problems as well.

"I have a negative blood type and Felicity is positive so if the blood comes into contact the mother's body starts creating antibodies and it's dangerous.

"I also have epilepsy and although I didn't have any seizures at all during the pregnancy I had one during labour because one of the triggers is tiredness and after two nights without sleep I was exhausted.

"Then I had to wait an hour before I could start pushing and from then on it only took four contractions and 12 minutes and she was born.

"I had to stay in hospital with Felicity for four days and during the second night the midwife found me on the floor at 3am with a nappy in my hand because I had a seizure.

"That was really scary and I was upset because I could have had Felicity in my arms when I had the seizure.

"She's a very happy baby and looks like a tiny doll. None of the clothes fit her and we had to get micro nappies.

"We chose the name Felicity because we thought it sounded pretty and is a bit old fashioned.

"Her middle name is her great-grandmother'sname who died two years ago. My middle name is also my great-grandmother's name.

"She's the first grandchild on both sides so she gets plenty of attention.

"She's doing very well and we're all very happy."

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Felicity June Matthews was born on September 5 PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORNA

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 8, 2015
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