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Babies suffering water intoxication.

An editorial on the article cited above stated, "In countries like the United States, breastfeeding, though always desirable, doesn't mean the difference between good and poor nutrition--or life and death." But an Associated Press article reports that water intoxication, which can kill infants by swelling their brains, has increased sharply because poor parents who run out of formula give their babies too much water. The article states, "Welfare babies who are not breastfed are especially at risk, according to pediatricians at St. Louis Children's Hospital, where 24 cases of water intoxication were treated within the past three years."

Nearly all the infants were given water after canned formula ran out, reported the study which appeared in the September 1991 issue of the American Journal of Diseases in Children. When too much water is ingested over too short a time, brain cells can swell, causing seizures, irregular breathing and death.
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Title Annotation:given too much water instead of formula
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Date:Jun 22, 1992
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