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Baba, please stay at home.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari (below) has previously been criticised for spending one year and thirty-nine days outside the country during the first three years of his first term in office.

During that time, Buhari spent a number of months in London receiving private medical treatment.

Building on the discontent, the septuagenarian recently joined his African counterparts in Sochi for the Russia-Africa summit but had barely spent two days there on his return before travelling to Saudi Arabia and then the UK.

This amounts to a total of 20 days away from his post.

In an editorial entitled Buhari, stay at your post, the local Punch news portal said: "It (the travels) provocatively gives the impression of an uncaring president. Without opening up the economy and ensuring sound rule of law at home, foreign travel to attract investment is a complete waste of public funds."

The country's President, who won a second term in February, has earned the moniker 'Baba go slow' for his inaction at the highest levels of government.

Running Nigeria from a base in the capital Abuja, he purportedly seldom visits the country's beating heart and economic capital, Lagos.

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Date:Dec 1, 2019
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