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BUTERFLI - BUffet and Transition delay control investigated with European-Russian cooperation for improved FLIght performance.

Funding: European (7th RTD Framework Programme)

Transport themes: Intelligent transport systems , Innovative technologies , Air transport (key theme) , International cooperation & EU Neighbourhood Policy

Research Programme :

FP7-TPT - Transport (Including Aeronautics) - Horizontal activities for implementation of the transport programme (TPT)

Leading institution(s)

Other:The European Commission

Type of funding : Public (EU)

Background & policy context : BUTERFLI responded to the invitation to tender from European Commission FP7 within Call FP7-AAT-2013 RTD-Russia. BUTERFLI is the acronym of BUffet and Transition delay control investigated within Europe-Russia cooperation for improved FLIght performances.

Objectives : The Project focused on experimental and numerical flow control investigations of different phenomena: the buffet on a laminar airfoil, the buffet on a turbulent supercritical airfoil, and the cross-flow instabilities on a swept wing. Different control techniques will be studied: bump design, fluidic control devices, and DBD devices. The project aims at the improvement of aircraft flight performances.

This project will be carried out in the framework of a EUROPE RUSSIA cooperation. ONERA is the coordinator, and TSAGI will act as Coordinator of the Russian Parties.

There are 12 partners, 7 from Europe and 5 from Russia.

ONERA (F), IAG-Stuttgart (G), DLR (G), KTH (S), University of Nottingham (UK), EADS UK Ltd. (UK), TsAGI (Russia), MIPT (Russia), JIHT (Russia), ITAM (Russia), Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Russia), and Erdyn (F).

Methodology : BUTERFLI is divided into four work packages:

WP1 is dedicated to buffet control on 2D turbulent supercritical wing (tangential jet blowing and plasma actuators);

WP2 is dedicated to buffet control on 2D laminar wing (bump and perforation blowing);

WP3 is dedicated to crossflow instabilities control on swept wing;

WP4 ensures the scientific coordination of the overall project, and will proposes final roadmaps for the future.

Partners : Universitaet Stuttgart

The University of Nottingham

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Sa Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical And Applied Mechanics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of science Itam of SB RAS

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft ZAO

Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft - und Raumfahrt Ev

Federal State Unitary Enterprise the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky

Institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences Joint Institute for High Temperatures RAS


Erdyn Consultants

Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan

country :France

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