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BUSTED'S MATT LUSTED FOR ME; I'm so flattered says real-life sexy teacher.


IT was a secret schoolboy fantasy that turned into a major hit single.

Matt Willis of top boy band Busted penned a cheeky teenage tribute to a teacher he had a crush on at school.

He changed her name to Miss Mackenzie and the song What I Go To School For gave the band their first hit single.

And 20-year-old bass player Matt, who used to call himself Mattie Jay, thought he'd got away with it.

But last week he blushed like an embarrassed adolescent when confronted by the real Miss Mackenzie, otherwise known as Michelle Blair, on live television.

Michelle, who came from behind the scenes on ITV's Frank Skinner show, said: "It was hilarious - he looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up. I only found out the song was about me after it came out - it's really flattering."

Michelle, 28, who has been married for three years, was Matt's dance teacher at the Sylvia Young theatre school.

Matt, then aged just 15, developed the crush that years later led him to write the immortal lines below.

Michelle, now choreographing the pantomime Cinderella in St Albans, Herts, said: "I think he's used a bit of artistic licence in the song. It was a dance class so we never used any pencils but I suppose he had ample opportunity to look at my bum.

"There was never any tree outside my bedroom window though - I think I might have noticed a Peeping Tom.

"It was a pleasure to have Matt in the class. He was a real livewire, a bit cheeky, but never rude."

Matt said of his teacher when the song came out: "She was kind of nice and there was always something really sexy about her."

Michelle, who now uses Busted's music in her classes, said: "My husband thinks its hilarious and takes the mickey. I don't think he's really worried I'm going to run off with a pop star.

"I'm proud of them. Looking back it was obvious Matt had what it takes."


I fight my way to front of class

To get the best view of her ass

I drop a pencil on the floor

She bends down and shows me more

I climb a tree outside her home

To make sure she is all alone

I see her in her underwear

I can''t help but stop and stare.

By James Bourne/ Mattie Jay/Charlie Simpson/Steve Robson/John McLaughlin. Published by Rondor Music (London) Ltd/Windswept Music (London) Ltd. Copyright control.


MICHELLE, HIS BELLE:; Matt's dance teacher Miss Blair; BUSTED: Charlie Simpson, James Bourne, Matt Willis
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 7, 2003

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