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Byline: blue chip

These are new business registrations with the Oregon Secretary of State's office from Feb. 1 to Feb. 28. The list also includes business names that were required to file a new registration.


Earth Grown Herbs LLC, Alisha Braack, 21620 High Pass Road.


Murray Business Services Inc., Michael Murray, 93085 Park St.

Parker Roofing and Construction, David Parker, 92520 Goldson Road.

Thelander Smith Construction LLC, Matthew Thelander, 23570 Hall Road.


Chief's Wild Wings, 91115 N. Willamette.

Cottage Grove

Aspen Court Manufactured Home Park, Jan Wheeler, P.O. Box 809.

Automotive Specialties, Russell Owens, P.O. Box 1258.

CLG Tools LLC, Carl Gabrielson, 945 V Court.

Goodson Logging, Chris Goodson, P.O. Box 400.

Green Acres Mobile Home Park, Jan Wheeler, P.O. Box 809.

Henriksen Trucking, Jerry Henriksen, 1408 E. Quincy Ave.

Inside N Out Contracting & Excavation LLC, Shae Jones, 80034 Highway 99.

Juzzee'z Fab Foods, Sherry Hulse, 32423 Southgate Way.

M.-2 Stake Supply LLC, Michael Carey, 942 1/2 Birch Ave.

Natalee Thai Cuisine #2, Areevan Unruan, 2715 Row River #B.

Off Shore Exploration Co., 75652 London Road.

Open Heart Publishing, Herve Perreault, 32835 Rocklyn Ave.

RB Owens LLC, Russell Owens, 424 S. Pacific Highway.

Russ Owens Automotive Inc., Russell Owens, 424 S. Pacific Highway.

Tax Advantage II Inc., 725 E. Whiteaker Ave.

The Celtic Connection, Crystal Miller, 73697 London Road.


Aardvark Tech Services, James Boettcher, 33465 Irish Lane.

Both Ears Records, Anna Jmaeff, 512 Pine Court.

Cheval Amour Inc., James Simmons, 83633 Rock Hill Road.

Edmunds Independent Consulting, Valerie Edmunds, 83902 Cloverdale Road.

Fetters Construction LLC, Logan Fetters, 33678 Market Road.

Go Dutch Inc., Ronald Plooijer, 1092 Cedar Court.

GR Espresso LLC, James Simones, 549 Scott Ave.

Lil'Joe Racing, Joseph Moore, 396 Gilfry Ave.

Richherb LLC, Herbert Newell, 33 Village Drive

Studio 550, Shannon Chambers, 550 Creswood Loop.

Willamette Wildlings, Shari Cappo-Fisher, 80692 Turkey Run Road.


Fireplace Specialties, Mickey Stafford, 90090 Killian Lane

Home Ground Studio LLC, Spencer Bugbey, 88685 Faulhaber Road.

Hot Dam Coffee LLC, Jennifer Leroux, 24941 W. Demming Road.

One Mule Team LLC, Karl Mueller, 89589 Demming Road.


3TK Investments LLC, Sandra Thompson, 86814 Pine Grove Road.

A Little Bit of Heaven, P.O. Box 40546.

A Matter of Time Inc., Diane Sibole, 2949 Edgewater Drive.

A Value Quest, Randeen Cummings, P.O. Box 42174.

A&R Metal & Recycling LLC, Robert Holderness, 4060 Berrywood Drive

Aaaplus Construction, Richard Krumdieck, 70 Carthage Ave.

Acutezza Consulting LLC, William Martin, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

Advanced Mobile Wash, John Wobbe, P.O. Box 41551.

Advantage Essential Dental Network, Donald Laird, P.O. Box 10567.

ADW Cleaning, Amanda Webb, 2882 Matt Drive.

Afropolynesian Records LLC, Paul Prince, 4856 Mahalo Drive.

Alder Street Imports LLC, Cecile Blumm, 2090 Alder St.

All for You ... By Amylou, Amy Ruckman, 1595 Regency Drive.

All Organized by Christina, Christina Clark, P.O. Box 40274.

Ally Creative, Erich Quist, 1292 High St., #132.

Ancient Pathways, Deborah Robinson, 740 River Loop 2.

Ancient Rivers Healing Arts Inc., Sariantra Kali, 1390 Oak St., Suite 5.

Angels Harvest, Angela Powell, 783 Throne Drive, Apt. 396.

Angelu Property Management, 1574 Coburg Road, #866.

Anthony Core Insurance Agency Inc., Donald Laird, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Ants Plus+, David Roshau, 2652 Erin Way.

Asia-Pacific Investment Group LLC, Shuai Wang, 1696 Adkins St., Apt 4.

Asset Integrity Inspections LLC, Dan Revell, 454 Salty Way.

Audio/Video Connection, Stefan Wagner, 4325 Commerce St., Suite 111.

Aurora Books, 4003 Hilyard St.

Bailey Hill Industrial LLC, Brandon Rogers, 3331 Lakeside Drive.

Bayberry Commons Assisted Living and Memory Care, Rohn Roberts, P.O. Box 1758.

Bechler Construction and Handy Services, Christopher Bechler, 189 Roan Drive.

Best Impressions Printing Services, Douglas Smith, 1492 W. Sixth Ave.

Best Rental and Leasing LLC, Jay Cope, 749 Madison St.

Better Days Professional Cleaning LLC, Robbie Taylor, 3580 Glen Oak Drive.

Beyond the Recreational Limit Photography and Diving LLC, Robert Loper, 655 Goodpasture Island Road, #4.

Big Hearts Horse Rescue, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Big Screen Entertainment LLC, Gary Silva, 3368 Coraly Ave.

Bigeye LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Blackwire Design, Chelsea Hughes, 367 Rustic Place, #48.

Bodywork Solutions, Benjamin Barbier, 840 Lawrence St.

Bohemian Cottages, Keith Schneider, 2750 Shadow View Drive, Apt. 32.

Brew Werks Brewing LLC, Nancy Cary, 180 E. 11th Ave.

Broadley Vineyards, Scott Bassinger, 1200 Executive Parkway, Suite 320.

BSC Properties Ltd., 2642 Roosevelt Blvd.

Burch's Fine Footwear Inc., Ian Richardson, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

By Invitation Only, Francis Register, 1305 Echo Hollow Road.

C&J LLC, Varner Johns, 777 High St., Suite 300.

CA Equipment LLC, Derek Simmons, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Casco Inc., Mark Schoepke, 4693 Isabelle St.

Cheryl Sherwood Kosta, P.T. Inc., Donald Laird, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Clinic Pharmacy, Bryon Land, P.O. Box 1758.

Cole-Butler S Corporation, William Brewer, 180 E. 11th Ave.

Color Love, Laurie Chatman, 1505 Morningside.

Cooks Custom Cartage, Bradly Cook, 1950 Tyler St.

Crisis Response Chaplaincy, L McCoy, P.O. Box 5002.

Cstone Inc., Justin Sheppard, 1068 W. Second Ave.

Cummings & Associates, Randeen Cummings, P.O. Box 42174.

DA Abbey LLC, Allen Degeneault, 1953 Garden Lane.

DS Market Churchill, 2101 Bailey Hill.

DS Market Crow, 86035 Territorial Highway.

D'lish, Niyah Dotts, 2648 Edgewood Drive, Apt 7.

Dancing Bee Farm LLC, P.O. Box 443.

DCIPA, 800 Willamette St., Suite 750.

DCIPA, the Physicians of Douglas County, 800 Willamette St., Suite 750.

Delta Oaks Group LLC, Donald Churnside, 440 E. Broadway, Suite 300.

Deviant Customs, Jake Tranberg, 2629 Ross Lane

Diamond Hill Paintball LLC, Audrey Whiddon, 91386 Stallings Lane

Divine Light Altars, Thomas Clark, P.O. Box 50751.

Do It All Maintenance LLC, Joseph Waine, 1165 Risden Place.

Dodge Investigations LLC, Pobox 72441.

Doublefish Outfitters, George Recker, 1359 W. Fifth.

Edge Combines Inc., 1302 Barrington Ave.

El Pato Cafe, Christopher Erben, 296 E. Fifth Ave., Suite 203.

Enchanted Lyre Books, Victoria Minard, 3596 Westward Ho Ave.

EP Lenders II LLC, William Potter, 800 Willamette St., Suite 800.

Erben Enterprises LLC, Christopher Erben, 788 Brookside Drive.

Eric Leuallens Tree & Garden Service LLC, Eric Leuallen, 1331 Crest Drive

Eugene Beer Week, Michael Coplin, 265 E. 13th Ave.

Eugene Last Friday Artwalk, K.S. Wallach, P.O. Box 11051.

Expand Your Private Practice LLC, Ilan Cloud, 990 Arcadia.

F.E.D. Press, Bruce Gardner, P.O. Box 10368.

Faithful Customs Inc., 233 W. Fifth Ave.

Fireweed Publishing, Debbie Geary, 4410 Donald St.

Fitnessfives, Ikaika Paakaula, 3803 Brighton Ave.

Flying Squirrel Peanut Butter, Erika Welsh, 1772 Hilyard St Apt. #4.

Fogo Do Sol LLC, Credence Sol, 2852 Willamette St., #175.

Frances S. Spiller D.O. P.C., Donald Laird, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Freedom Audio LLC, Loren Michael Friedman, 156 W. 16th Ave.

From My Heart, Ruth Dayton, 675 Ayres Road.

Front Door Organics LLC, Jennifer Slater, 3213 Tilden St.

Gant Custom Homes, Cory Gant, 121 Wedgewood Drive.

Ghetto House Productions LLC, 3185 River Road.

Gig A Cause, John Romito, P.O. Box 40515.

GMAN 1414 LLC, Michael Godfrey, 2610 Park Forest Drive.

Goblinko, Katie Aaberg, 225 N. Grand St.

Golden Age, Deborah Castro Landman, 1775 Henderson Ave.

Greenlight Studio, Hartmut Turck, 1750 Northview Blvd., Apt. 53.

Greenocity, Yvonne Griffin, 3760 Kevington Ave.

Hampton's Custom Design Upholstery, Doug Hampton, 865 Conger, Suite 3.

Hawks Tactical, Craig Hawks, 757 Berntzen Road.

Hearthstone Referral Group LLC, Sarah Judd, 767 Willamette St., Suite 203.

Heartwood Natural Toys, Chason Mcclelland, 1746 W. Ninth Place.

Hello Cozy Books, 4780 Village Plaza Loop, Suite 110.

Hutchinson Consulting Services LLC, Marjorie Hutchinson, 114 Oakleigh Lane, Apt. A.

Hydraulic Tricycles LLC, Thomas Kadaja, 3317 Onyx Place.

Ice Center Hockey League LLC, Jonathan Hoyt, 2525 Monroe St.

Innovation Graphics LLC, Stephenie Millsap, 3608 Westleigh St.

International Association of Volunteer Leadership, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Irie Botanicals, Christina Noli, 265 Bushnell Lane.

Itime LLC, Andrew Edsall, 360 W. 23rd Ave.

Jamar West Distributors LLC, Crystal Todd, 4172 Kildare St.

Jay Gregory Consulting, Jay Gregory, 4130 Brae Burn Drive.

JD Tax LLC, Jared Durham, 3511 Willowbrook St.

Jen Marie Eyewear LLC, Erin Mochrie, 451 W Broadway Apt 16.

Jeremey H. O'Shea D.O. P.C. P.O., Box 10567.

Joy Link Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs LLC, Wong San Cheung, 2142 Marlow Lane.

Juan's Auto Repair and Towing, Juan Martinez, 2430 Highway 99 N.

Jubilee World Outreach, Eric Green, 1171 Fairfield Ave.

K&R Quality Construction LLC, Kenneth Whitley, 85861 Bailey Hill Road.

KLM Institute, Mary Decuman, 1760 Norkenzie Road.

Knights of Columbus Assembly 3258, James Gay, 2185 Rocky Lane.

Kompas, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Kompastek LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Lane County Concussion Men's Roller Derby, Louis Dribin, 337 Terra Linda Ave.

Lane County Diabetes Coalition, 4540 Commerce St.

Lil'Joe Racing, 2265 Nugget Way.

Lotus Floral Design, Crystal Farset, 145 Calumet Ave.

Loyal Care Products Incorporated, Cynthia Schlegel, 1125 E. 36th Ave.

Luminare Press LLC, Patricia Marshall, 467 W. 17th Ave.

Mac's Battery & Filter Service, Danny Richards, 1330 W. Sixth Ave.

MacMurphy Investments LLC, P.O. Box 7632.

Mammoth Inc., Jesse Woolley, 1877 Brewer Ave., #E3.

Marconsulting LLC, Marc Rocha, 966 Fayette Ave.

Maria's Pearl Creations, Maria Moule, 911 Forrester Way.

Mathew Grubb Photography LLC, Mathew Grubb, 2535 Noah St.

Matthew McCurry, Matthew McCurry, 4645 Concord St.

Maximum Business Assistance LLC, Michael Crippen, 1150 Darlene Lane, #245.

Medley Endeavors, Jody Jobanek-Suiter, 1287 Frogs Leap Lane.

Meena Imports, Sara Hikmat, 505 Empress Ave.

Mindful Living, Connie Rolfe, 4284 W. Seventh Ave.

MLD LLC, 1567 Larkspur Loop.

Moroccan Buzz, Cecile Blumm, 2090 Alder St.

My Little Children LLC, Alice Harless, 2325 Sandy Drive

Nanite Brewing, Jeremiah Marsden, 3165 Queens East St.

Nature and Nurture, Joan South-Johnson, P.O. Box 402.

New Dawn Health Care Services LLC, Linda Dawn, 648 Taney St.

Next Adventure Outlet, 1055 Bailey Hill Road.

Novo Salon, Lucretia Natanson, 275 E. 13 Ave.

O1 USA Holdings LLC, Raven Rolwey, 2580 Madison St.

Oregon Health Medicine, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Oregon Property Specialist, Robin Breding, 3149 Dahlia Lane.

Oregon Trailer LLC, Jonathan Christianson, 4805 Spring Meadow Ave.

Oregon Wedding Reflections, Shari Powell, P.O. Box 24238.

Organically Blonde LLC, Carol Bergsma, 28281 Spencer Creek Road.

Osborn Trucking LLC., Herman Osborn, P.O. Box 70234.

Our Family Farm LLC, Derek Brandow, 380 W. Eighth Ave., No 1.

Pacific Gun Sales, Chaz Kuplent, 3911 Burlwood St.

Pasi Del PC, 4725 Pacific Ave.

Pegasus Networking, Russell Garcia, 2899 Stark St.

Personal Protection Systems, Troy Snyder, 1750 Washington St., Joshua Clark, 777 High St., Suite 102.

Pitboss Music, Jacob Williams, 595 Lone Oak Ave., #2.

PNW Sales and Marketing, Rohn Roberts, 800 Willamette St., Suite 800.

Proactive Breast Wellness, Ingrid Edstrom, 1102 Hodson Lane.

Proactive Breast Wellness LLC, Ingrid Edstrom, 1102 Hodson Lane

Profit Science Inc., P.O. Box 10368.

Psychotherapist Billing Services LLC, Shanti Rios, 1158 High St., Suite 202.

Pumice Transport LLC, Bruce Moore, 96 E. Broadway, Suite 7.

Pure Devotion Tattoo, Wendi Mellott, 680 E. 22nd Ave.

Real Pets, Justin Cairns, 1656 Evergreen Drive.

Red Door Design Services, Michelle Knutson, 254 Sunshine Acres.

Red Wagon Creamery, Stuart Phillips, P.O. Box 51391.

Reeder Surfboards LLC, Travis Reeder, 1695 Cameo Drive.

Resurface-It Inc., Timothy Card, 28507 Kokkeler Road.

River Studio, Steven Davis, 2910 Capital Drive.

River's Dahlias, Eugene Kenyon, 178 Bushnell.

Rolling Pin Films LLC, Brenda Ivey, 3565 Kinsrow Ave., Apt. 101.

RWG LLC, Jane Yates, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Science Factory, Carolyn Rebbert, 2300 Leo Harris Parkway.

Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome, Carolyn Rebbert, 2300 Leo Harris Parkway.

Sheldon Cheer LLC, Lucia Reeser, 3580 Kinsrow, #101.

Sherwood Ranch Cider Works LLC, Donald Laird, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

Sherwood Ranch LLC, Donald Laird, 101 E. Broadway. Suite 200.

Shirley's Espresso on the Move, Shirley Brock, P.O. Box 26454.

Spence Barton, Spencer Barton, 28500 Sutherlin Lane.

Spiralheart Healing, Kiely Chambers, 355 Broken Oak Loop.

Stuart R. Sarbacker and Sara E. Zeman, Stuart Sarbacker, 800 Lariat Drive.

Summa Real Estate Group - Eugene, 3186 Metolius Drive.

Sunburst Pre-Owned Homes, Allen Gardner, 725 Country Club Road.

Supernaturals Grafted Vegetables LLC, James Coons, 777 High St., Suite 200.

Tech Bridge Consultancy LLC, Mike Klein, 2697 Crowther Drive.

Teresa's Treasures, Teresa Powell, 4787 Wendover St.

Thalia's Emporium, Thalia Lerin, P.O. Box 24152.

The Bungalow A Salon, Kimberly McFadden, 3426 Goldberry Lane.

The Father's House, Eric Green, 1171 Fairfield Ave.

The Grateful Grill, Holly Briggs, 265 W. Eight Ave., Apt 416.

The Hathaway Group Inc., Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

The Look Beauty Studio, Samantha Suder, 3188 Coraly Ave.

The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lamb Cottage Skinners Butte Park.

The Smokehouse Southern BBQ, 1239 Alder St.

The Town Gardener, Ethan Rainwater, 177 Knoop Lane.

Thimbleberry Felt Designs, Tylar Merrill, 2630 Agate St.

Threadbare LLC, Amy Vellutini, 2425 W. 14th Ave.

Timetraks Consultants Corporation, Beverley Mowery, 795 Willamette St., Apt. 305.

Top Wood Jobs LLC, George Meek, 3451 Korbel St.

Toward Hope Counseling, B Renee Villanueva, 2540 Jackson St.

Track Town Events, Jov Buerstatte, P.O. Box 477.

Train Like You Mean It With Impact! LLC, John Rhoads, 1125 Rio Glen Drive.

Trans-Watch, Christian Watchie, 1035 Monroe.

Treasure Valley DD LLC, Tiffany Grantom, 2913 Cheryl St.

Umpqua Valley Health Authority, 800 Willamette St., Suite 750.

United States Warrant Officer Association Oregon Trail Chapter, Floyd Bard, 2000 River Loop 1.

Unspoken Landscape LLC, Jason Scandlyn, 89807 Sprague Road.

Valam LLC, Jacob Clifton, 975 Oak St., Suite 1050.

Vanessa's Closet, G Scofield, 2820 Echo Lane.

Varasight Surveillance, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Vik Bogh Constructors A Joint Venture, Gregory Vik, 3011 N. Delta Highway, #101.

Voter Power Action, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Walid's Great Food Inc., Peggy Saleeby, 2255 Turnberry Court.

Watermelon Kidz, Kim Anderson, 3235 Donald St.

Webport Corporation, James Lindsay, 1725 Pearl St., #1.

West Eugene Kennels, Terry Cook, 87309 Central Road.

Western Judgment Recovery, Dan Dunn, 65 W-1 Division, #151.

Westy Gear LLC, Hallie Edwards, 3770 Watkins Lane.

Whiskalickens Design LLC, Cynthia O'Brien, 441 Waite St.

Whitney Precision, Scott Whitney, 1574 Coburg Road, Suite 297.

William Rose Wines, 1175 Fir Lane.

William Rose Wines LLC, Mark Nicholl, 1175 Fir Lane.

Willie's at the Campbell House, Peggy Saleeby, 2255 Turnberry Court.

Women's Opportunity Worldwide, Roz Slovic, 4801 Donald St.

Yo-Way Yogurt LLC, Thomas Herrmann, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

You Got It Costumes, Daniel Freed, 881 Chateau Meadows Drive.

Zion Construction Co., James Coons, 777 High St., Suite 200.

Fall Creek

Out of the Box Computers, Richard Silver, 39074-B Jasper Lowell Road.


All About Olives LLC, David Twombly, 1367 Bay St.

Bay Street Gallery, Janette Jagoe, P.O. Box "V".

Brian's Barber Shop, Brian Siebert, 4855 Rhododendron Loop.

China Bay Restaurant Inc., Jerry Chan, 1073 Highway 101.

Florence Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 4445 Highway 101.

J&N Sales, James Chinn, 4969 Highway 101, Suite 3.

Motorsports of Florence, Craig Vincent, 423 Highway 101.

RMF Management Group, Robert Forsythe, 71 Shoreline Drive.

Sentient Bean Cafe LLC, Terra O'Ryan, 1379-A Rhododendron Drive.

Siuslaw Carpet Cleaning, William Flood, P.O. Box 2277.

Station 101, Toni Kain-Confer, 85666 Old Ferry St.

Tam Lin Quilts, Cristina Jones, 89964 Ben Bunch Road.

TNT Sales and Repair Inc., Trent Foglio, 84811 Highway 101 S.

Westcoast Mobile RV Service & Repair, Morris Bernard, 3185 Munsel Lake Road.

Yogurt Stop Inc., Thomas Nicholson, 552 Laurel St.

Junction City

3S Auctions, Marcus Sheppeard, 167 E. Fourth St.

5 Star Campaigns LLC, Nancy Scalf, 1594 W. 11th Ave.

A K 07 LLC, Andrew Croce, 95775 Howard Lane

Custom Towing and Recovery, Andrew Croce, 95775 Howard Lane

J Case, Huston Lacost, 1051 Holly St.

Krav Maga Oregon LLC, Kirsten Zulyevic, 121 W. Sixth Ave.

McCormick and Sons Limited Partnership, Suann McCormick, 950 Juniper St., #8.

Pro Health Distributing LLC, Sandra Mcintosh, 1036 Kaylee Ave.

Revoalution LLC, Seth Revoal, 485 Laurel St.

Team Wilson Mobile Repair, April Henshall, 27433 High Pass Road.

Whitney Precision, 25610 Lawrence Road.

Wings of Art, Ova Garmond, 610 Ivy St.


Cold Creek Farms, Gretchen Hyde, 78886 Territorial Road.

Hobbit Hill Farm, Brandy Dare, P.O. Box 27 79604 Fire Road.


Creswell RC Flyers, William Schneider, 567 N Moss.

Fall Creek Blueberry Farms LLC, 39318 Jasper-Lowell Road.

Fall Creek Stewart Farm LLC, 39318 Jasper-Lowell Road.

Henry Farm LLC, 39318 Jasper-Lowell Road.


Point Terrace Garden Club, Janice Willahan, 88050 Riverview Ave.

Sentient Bean Cafe LLC, P.O. Box 601.


Bookmatters, Anne Rock, 38937 Meadow Creek Lane.

Invision Construction, Shane Reimche, 92643 Marcola Road.

Westy Gear LLC, P.O. Box 778.


Celebrations By Penny, Penny Sabath, 22191 Fisk Road.


Alpine Stream Construction LLC, P.O. Box 1133.

Bio-Tech Pest Inspections Construction Solutions Inc., Robert Wolfe, 76585 Meadow Way.

Cosmic Underground, 48310 E. First St.

Grandma's Bloomers, Beverly Buys, 49634 High Prairie Loop.

Hot China Restaurant, Vincent Huang, 48017 Highway 58.

The Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Douglas Rouse, P.O. Box 312.

Wearhouse Industries, Randy Wear, 47975 Highway 58, P.O. Box 683.

Pleasant Hill

Bling Bang Boom LLC, Michelle Jacobs, 83331 Watership Way.

Discover the Power of Choice, Denise Jubber, 36054 N. Morningstar Road.

HMH Vapor LLC, Ethan Holub, 36166 N. Morningstar Road.

Jasper House Farm LLC, R Chase, 85962 Laird Lane.

The Copper Rabbit, Gayle Godard, 36104 Highway 58.

The Vapor Club LLC, 36166 N Morningstar Road.

The Vapor Room LLC, 36166 N Morningstar Road.

West Coast Vapor LLC, 36166 N Morningstar Road.


Aggregate Resource Crushing LLC, 4080 Commercial Ave.

Alan's Tree Service, Alan Harrison, 656 65th St.

Aquila & Priscilla's Eatery and Coffee Bar, 1843 Pioneer Parkway.

Art of Nail, Hun Luu, 549 W. Centennial Blvd.

B&R Electronic Solutions, Bernard Bergin, 1890 M St., Apt 37.

Bayberry Commons Assisted Living And Memory Care, 2211 Laura St.

Dancing Bee Farm LLC, David Love, 12 West Q St., Unit G.

Dodge Investigations LLC, Jeffrey Dodge, 2849 El Toro Court.

Ernest Loy & Associates, LLC., Ernest Loy, 4431 Jasper Road.

Floor Coverings International, Christopher Gilbert, P.O. Box 1205.

Forrest Preservation LLC, Philip Forrest, 4084 Southway Loop.

Frame352 LLC, Toby Johnson, 2140 Ranch Corral Drive.

GS Adult Foster Care, Edward Scott, 2425 E St.

Gig A Cause, 2038 Bonnie Lane.

Golden Age, 119 N. 21st St.

Gourley Property Management, Jeremy Gourley, 1874 16th St.

Greencurrents LLC, Bryan Petersen, 2016 Debra Drive.

Hair Design by Sara Powell, Sara Butrick, 509 Main St., #201.

High Street Rowhouses Unit Owners' Association, 1810 15th St.

Hunter Brake & Alignment, Rick Holifield, 5231 G St.

Jak LLC, R Corey, 626 B St.

Karlita's Market, Rosario Silva, 2053 Main St.

Macmurphy Investments LLC, Travis MacKenzie, 1551 Menlo Loop.

Mel's Preowned Homes LLC, Max Probanz, 2494 34th St.

Mia Bella Designs, Terri Baird, 3271 Pheasant Blvd.

Mikes Hair Den, Donna Price, 967 Rainbow Drive.

NW Outdoor Landscaping Maintenance, Daniel Lopez, 727 71st St.

Pro Romania Cultural Association Inc., P.O. Box 785.

Pro-Tech Sports, Zachary Hespen, 4161 Glacier View Drive.

Progressive Tech Advertising, Matthew Sutten, 250 S. 47th St.

Ridgeview Elementary PTO, James Crist, 526 66th St.

Sisco Marketing LLC, Tanya Wilmarth, 1281 31st St.

South Valley Aviation LLC, William Stewart, 910 54th Place.

Sparks Construction LLC, David Sparks, 721 S. 47th Place.

The Oregon Handwork Studio, Constance Greer, 1413 Yolanda Ave.

Three Sixteen Ministries, David Loveall, 1657 Delrose Ave.

Ti-575 Bellevue Bend LLC, Bryce Jessen, 760 N. 14th St.

Toward Hope Counseling, 380 Q St.

Tracies Cleaning, Tracie Defeniks, 562 67th St.

Track Town Connection, Lauran Davidson, 658 S. 57th St., Space 43.

Tracktownphoto, Phil Johnson, 1016 Third Place.

Tradewinds Construction Group LLC, Lawrence Elliott, 425 S. 39th Place.

Tradewinds Sustainable Energy International, Ryan Stroup, 744 Edgemont Way.

Trusted Technology LLC, Cameron Clark, 1020 Pleasant St.

Williamson Land Development LLC, Ryan Williamson, 1150 S. 69Th Place.

Willitsclan Cleaning, Julie Willits, 562 67th St.

You Can Call Me Flower LLC, Star Wolfgang, 870 Main St.


A Easier Move LLC, Raymond Jankowski, 25777 Wolf Creek Road.

DS Market Churchill, Jatinder Kaur, 87754 Territorial Road.

DS Market Crow, Jatinder Kaur, 87754 Territorial Road.

DS Market Veneta, Jatinder Kaur, 87754 Territorial Road.

Merritt Handyman Services, Devin Merritt, 87784 Norman Ave.

Northwest Iron Works LLC, Vincent Thomas, 24415 Bolton Hill Road.

Rekindle Ministries, Kelly Prentice, 25840 Jeans Road.

Subject 2 Arrest. Sta., Kyle Miller, 29720 Jeans Road, Space 44.

Unified Concepts Media, Mona Mccrea, P.O. Box 1434, 88065 Territorial Road.


Jack Wills Photography, 48560 McKenzie Highway.

McKenzie River Drift Boat Museum, Randy Dersham, 49198 McKenzie Highway.

River Studio, 49752 McKenzie Highway.


Jack Wills Photography, Jack Wills, P.O. Box 400.


Little Red Barn Produce, Jean Kennedy, 19514 Highway 126.


Alpine Stream Construction LLC, Gabriel Miller, 48221 W. Oak Road.
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