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Byline: blue chip

These are new business registrations with the Oregon Secretary of State's office from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. The list also includes business names that were not renewed by the deadline and were required to file a new registration.


Josh Cote Fine Sculpture, Josh Cote, P.O. Box 93, 93770 Jay Road.


B&B Accessibility Contractors, 25885 Highway 36.

Northwest ATM One, 25694 Highway 36.


Markit, 31524 Coburg Bottom Loop Road.

Cottage Grove

Baker Consulting Services LTC, Wilma Baker, 36972 Smith Creek Road.

BB Wilson and Associates LLC, Bonnie Wilson, 1498 E. Main St., Suite 103 #345.

Black Rock Spirits, Megan Meyers, 1780 Carnegie Way.

Gates Family Tradition, Sandra Gates, 31776 Gowdyville Road.

Granddaddy's Kettle Corn LLC, 1650 Curry Ave.

Harris/O'Dell LLC, Dorothy O'dell, 31719 Nichols Lane.

K4 Systems, Sondra Brown, 77315 London Road.

Robs Property Management, Robin Roth, 248 S O St.

Roger Knighten LLC, Hans Johnson, 28 S, Sixth, Suite C.

Sannah Leasing Company LLC, Ricky Anderson, 1721 N. Highway 99, #22.

STM & SLM Inc., Shane May, 1141 Highway 99N.

T&D Ad Specialty, Kearry Crha, 39 S. 16th St.

Willeyworks, Anthony Willey, 1630 Bryant Ave.

Woody Racing LLC, Robert Woody, 145 North I St.


Creswell Customs, James Gorby, 82050 Mahr Lane.

D.R. Williams Medical Transcription Services, Denise Williams, 1087 Cedar Court.

Emerald Valley Travel, Lois Stadt, 118 Auburn Lane.

Eugene Sign Guy, James Gorby, 82050 Mahr Lane.

Gervais Chiropractic LLC, Brian Gervais, 939 Odom.

Glenn Wicks Fishing Rods, Ronald Wicks, 82682 River Drive.

Jewelry by Delphine, Delphine Radke, P.O. Box 934.

Northwest Tile and Marble, Robert Mendonca, 700 N Mill, #K.

Prequence Oregon LLC, 83451 Lazy E Way.

Stone Source Inc., Robert Grand, 325 Ironwood Loop.

Titan-Kelly LLC, Kelly Klempel, 93 Village Drive.


Carrillo's Lawn Maintenance, 83787 Rattlesnake Road.


All American Cowgirl Rodeo Drill Team, Shawna Scroggins, 24669 Warthen Road.


20 After 4 LLC, Travis Shafer, 2074 Shiloh St.

20 After 4 Poker LLC, Travis Shafer, 2074 Shiloh St.

303 East Main LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

33 Girls LLC, Morgan Sanchez, 460 Willamette St.

4 Corners Hop House, Rick George, 1840 W. 10th Ave.

A-1 Appliance Repair, Donald Wilhite, 947 Baxter St.

Ace Truck Wash, 32910 E. Pearl St.

Acorn Avenue LLC, Emily Yelton, 2210 Golden Garden St.

Action Automotive, Craig Matthew, 1491 W. Sixth Ave.

Aggregate Software and Consulting, Adam Kuncewitch, 347 E. Third Alley, #3.

Agiftfromindia.Com, Aaron Cole, 1790 Lemming Ave.

Air Care Pro Inc., Daniel Lyman, 1635 Oak St.

AJ Enterprises LLC, Julie Gonzales, 1332 Dalton Drive.

Albany Medical Solutions LLC, B Burgess, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

All Together Fitness Inc., David Skelley, 3716 Walton Lane.

All-In Poker House, Michael Shellhart, 4070 Steward Road, Units A-C.

All-In Poker Room, Michael Shellhart, 4070 Stewart Road, Units A-C.

Alpha Dahlia Music LLC, Shaun Notdurft, 529 Monroe, #8.

Apple Tree LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Atlas Physical Therapy, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club.

Autobahn Imports, Eugene, Sreedhar Thakkun, 988 River Road.

Awakened Heart Ministry, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Azure Ocean LLC, Mason Goche, 1160 Charnelton Alley, #C.

B&B Accessibility Contractors, Dennis Payne, 1311 Bramblewood.

Baby's Finest, 777 River Ave.

Balanced Sem LLC, Robert Reeves, 2852 Willamette St., #141.

Banta Enterprises, Arlene Banta, 1214 N. Park Ave.

Bask-N-It Incorporated, Michael Hobbs, 287 La Casa St.

Baubles and Blooms, Diane Hockema, 5571 Pranz Place.

BB Auto Body & Paint, 4679 Barger Drive.

BE Electric, Frederic Wittkop, 195 Madison St.

Bielefeldt Financial Management, Doug Bielefeldt, 895 Country Club Road, A 150 P.O. Box 51045.

Birchwood Investments LLC, Susan Race, 10 Van Buren St.

Bitlink LLC, Jun Li, 3133 Blacktail Drive.

Boulder Creek Excavation LLC, Shallum Bivens, 34376 Matthews Road.

Bowers Exchange LLC, Thomas Mcmahon, 811 Willamette St.

Brain Resources Advocacy Information Networks, Brian Thompson, 300 Country Club Road, Suite 248.

Brent Wright Inc., Brian Cox, Cox & Associates LLC, 142 W. Eighth Ave.

Bridgeway Recovery Services Inc., Brian Thompson, 300 Country Club Road, Suite 248.

Briggs Hill Ranch LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Bright Promise Tie Dye, Susan Brethauer, 33913 Hampton Road.

Brown Media and Art LLC, William Brown, 3125 Watson Ave.

Build Your Own Bouquet LLC, Joseph Richter, 1023 Rio Glen Drive.

Builder's Electric, Frederic Wittkop, 195 Madison St.

Bunkhouse Tack and Supply LLC, Janice Mackey, 777 High St., Suite 200.

C Thru Cleaning, Cameron Read, 5597 Excaliber Lane.

Caballero Cleaning Services, Martin Garcia, 1676 Augusta St.

Caldera Building Solutions LLC, Keith Caldera, 1560 Mist Court.

Cam Transportation, Cheri McLean, P.O. Box 21633 2455 W. Fifth Ave.

Cascade Contracting Group LLC, Jerry Delaplain, 320 Suburban Ave.

Cascade Tax Professionals I, Charles Seitz, President, All About Taxes PC, 3327 Elmira Road.

Center for Holistic Synergies LLC, Tina Carrillo, 935 Oak St.

Center for Spiritual Living Eugene, Linda Finley, 390 Vernal St.

Chappy Enterprises LLC, Timothy Powell, 3272 Jayhawk Court.

Cheeky Monkey Love LLC, Jill Dose, 28066 Spencer Creek Road.

Chehalem Community Music Institute, Emma Tepfer, 2011 Elk Drive.

Chico Murillos, Amparo Murillo-Marinez, 2358 Moore St.

Chikara Salon and Spa, 134 Oakway Center.

Chouinard Consulting, Lauren Chouinard, 1433 E. 38th Ave.

Church of America LLC, Janice Berry, 1797 Monterey Lane.

CJ'S Riverside Inn Inc., Brian Cox, Cox & Associates LLC, 142 W. Eighth Ave.

Clear Mortgage Solutions, Kevin Simnin, 4750 Village Plaza Loop, #100.

Coastal Farm Holdings Oregon Inc., Thomas Herrmann, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

Coleman Custom Construction LLC., Alexander Coleman, 1705 Minda Drive.

Commodity Services International Inc., 529 Sweetwater Lane.

Commongoods Network, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Concrete Sport LLC, William Bromley, 627 Country Club Road, Suite 200.

Cool Cats Playcare LLC, Cheryl Bunnell, 425 Wilkie St.

Corinthian Investments LLC, Tracy Lampman, 2247 Corinthian Court.

Cornerstone Cafe & Bakery, 2729 Shadow View Drive.

Coupon Crusaders, Daniel Klein, 1135 Regency Drive.

Crescent Village Restaurants LLC, Scott Diehl, 871 Country Club Road.

CT Enterprises LLC, Cynthia Tittelfitz, 2700 E. Wilshire Drive.

Daggon Enterprises LLC, John Becker, 1500 Prospect Drive.

Debate Education Foundation Inc., Neil Schifberg, 280 E. 17th Ave.

Delta Sigma Corporation, 1699 Oak St.

Deluxe, 1331 Willamette.

Diggity Dog and Kitty Too!, Diane Hockema, 5571 Pranz Place.

Digi Studios, Todd Bradford, 1399 Sunny Drive.

Dipzys, Cathy Cryer, 3820 Souza St.

Don A York Properties, Donald York, P.O. Box 26332.

Eco Logic Concepts LLC, Amanda Atkins, 697 W. 24th Place.

Emergency Medical Supply, Jesseca Kuplent, P.O. Box 40794.

Ephemera Fine Art, Kathleen Sturtevant, 1859 Buck St.

Eugene Jinju First Aog, 900 Robin Hood Ave.

Eugene Metropolitan Rotary Club Foundation, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Eugene Mobile Village LLC, Ernest Ogg, 4750 Franklin Blvd.

Eugene Myofascial Release, Dael Parsons, 2175 Mclean Blvd.

Eugene Sudden Values LLC, Brenda Rubin, 2901 Powderhorn St.

Eugene Tech Support, James Coons, 777 High St., Suite 200.

Everything Coconut LLC, Rebecca Frye, 1094 Apple Drive.

Extreme Clothing LLC, James Jurasevich, 1551 S. Bertelsen Road.

Field to Table LLC, Corey Wisun, 28 W. 15th Ave.

Firescape LLC, Tumasi Ross, 1804 Grant St.

Forums Inc., William Bromley, 627 Country Club Road, Suite 200.

French Nails, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

French Nails Salon, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Fresh to You, Joel Zauner, 84767 Charlotte's Way.

Frogfarm Wordworks, Ingrid Hanson, 925 Martin St.

Froggy's Recycling Inc., Patricia Walker, 85885 First St.

Garrison - Rushton, James Garrison, 1465 Lawrence St.

Gary Eisele Landscape Maintenance Service, Gary Eisele, 27684 Clearlake Road.

Gates Holdings LLC, David Gates, 112 Brampton Court.

Gene's Quality Cleaning Service, Ronald Striano, 1470 Queens Way.

Get Known LLC, Tamara Blodgett, 3850 Robin Ave.

Gibney Global, Thomas Herrmann, Gleaves Swearingen Potter & Scott P.O. Box 1147.

Gillespie Distribution, Sean Gillespie, 1616 Long Island Drive.

Glad Services, 1200 High St., Suite 160.

Glorious Designs LLC, C Griffin, 1048 Randall St.

Good Neighbor Care Klamath Falls LLC, 78 Centennial Loop.

Gordon K Bullock LLC, 4425 Ryan St.

Grand Slam Training & Equipment, 215 Valley River Center.

Growing Green Beings, Wendy Harris, 4364 Fox Hollow Road.

Growing Oregon LLC, 3003 W. 11th Ave., Suite 231.

Gusman Landscaping, Jose Gusman, 1676 Augusta St.

H&D Lawn Care, Don Reitz, 1407 E. 21st Ave.

Hair Forever, Arturo Carbajal, 545 Willamette.

Hair Ink., Lisa Mckinley, 302 Waite St.

Health and Safety Institute, William Clendenen, 1450 Westec Drive.

Higher Power, Howard Butterfield, 4058 Marcum Lane.

Homeward Bound Building & Remodeling LLC, Gregory Gardner, 4510 Larkwood St.

Hoodz LLC, Kristopher Stewart, 1255 Railroad Blvd. LLC, P.O. Box 23735.

Humble Solutions LLC, Brian Humble, 1897 Laveta Lane.

Hydra LLC, P.O. Box 70539.

In Transaction, Barbrene Robbins, 2644 Suzanne Way.

Industrial Services Corporation, Donald Armstrong, 450 Country Club Road, #340.

Infinity Building Services Inc., Dennis Cooley, 149 Rosetta Ave.

Inner Child Studios, Arlice Blendheim, 1260 B Tyler St.

Intentions, Robert Manders, 259 E. Fifth, Suite 200.

Interfaith Prayer Service, Willie Harris, 2380 Todd St.

JYR Corp LLC, Malcolm Lacey, 2677 Willakenzie Road, Suite 7A.

Janer International Enterprises Inc., 3163 Crocker Road.

Jay Y. Park M.D. P.C., Jay Park, 3891 Meadow View Drive.

John T. Cuff Consulting, John Cuff, 2512 Melrose Loop.

Joyful Creations, Kristy Carpenter, 4146 Hampshire Lane.

JP Performance, Paul Nero, 2375 Palmer Ave.

Junk and Stuff Thrift Store, Sheila Donaworth, 3655 Franklin Blvd.

Just Resolution LLC, Drew Johnson, 3065 Lincoln St.

Justice Law Group, Lauren Regan, 259 E. Fifth Ave., Suite 300A.

Justin Montoya M.D. LLC, Thomas Herrmann, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

KC Brothers LLC, Dean Schmidt, 44 Club Road, Suite 330.

KT Whiting Construction LLC, P.O. Box 127.

Kaelos Inc., Daniel Hartzell, 4410 Willhi St.

Keefe Commissary Network LLC, 101 W. Fifth Ave.

Kendall Wallace Designs, Kendall Wallace, 2269 Pierce St.

Kline Strom International Inc., 2551 Noah St.

Koi Yard Art, James Cox, 3663 Avalon St.

KSC1 LLC, Kyle Spradling, 1020 E. 18th Ave., Apt 2.

Kurant Creative, Jeffrey Brown, P.O. Box 21523.

La Pine Electronics LLC, James Hoffman, 975 Oak St., Suite 600.

Landucci Pierce & Trombley LLC, Anne Trombley, 4417 Dillard Road.

Lane County Signs & Graphics LLC, Stacy Hand, 911 River Road.

Lazarus Homes LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Liquid Sunshine Tropical Fish, Donald Laird, P.O. Box 10567.

Little Blessings Daycare, Peggy Rutledge, 3659 Oxbow Way.

Mainflower Cafe LLC, Michelle Masterson, 34607 Seavey Way.

Man's World, Nathan Shields, 3398 Bardell Ave.

Man's World Best Barbers, Nathan Shields, 3398 Bardell Ave.

McElligott Construction and Remodeling, Richard McElligott, 1746 Russet Drive.

Mcyett LLC, Janice Mackey, 777 High St., Suite 200.

MDH Investments LLC, John Christianson, 101 E. Broadway, Suite 200.

MDK Construction LLC, Dawn Smalley, 565 Hughes St.

Merpenger LLC, Susan Hekimoglu, 2610 Suncrest Ave.

Micom Enterprises LLC, Gregory Skillman, Skillman & Fogarty PC, 576 Olive St., Suite 200.

Midtown Court Big Town Hero, Richard Beemer, 4078 N. Clarey.

Modern Midwifery Care, Sarah Macrorie, 91 N. Polk St.

Momma's Kitchen Restaurant LLC, Marian Austin, 23 W. Sixth St.

Mother Earth's Farm LLC, Anne Randles, 28120 Royal Ave.

Multiple Coatings Distributors Inc., Charles Hibberd, 5555 W. 11th Ave.

Murphy Industrial Dining Services, Sean Murphy, 343 Broken Oak Loop.

Murphy Industrial Diving Services, Sean Murphy, 343 Broken Oak Loop.

My Carrier Cards LLC, P.O. Box 71244.

Mykidsceo LLC, 1310 Coburg Road, Suite 10.

N.W. Rental Services Inc., Sandra Lynch, 175 E. 15th.

N.W. Seed Crushers Inc., Charles Bergfeld, 2559 Cubit St.

Nanish Shontie Land Trust, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

New Economic Options LLC, Philip Diehl, 1047 Jayne St.

New Genesis LLC, William Shedrick, 435 Hunsaker Lane.

Northgreen Property LLC, Dan Giustina, 388 Pearl St.

Northside Liquor, Connie Minihan, 460 Coburg Road.

Northwest Art Conservation LLC, Christopher White, 2650 Emerald St.

Northwest Packaging Solutions, 3476 Whisper Lane.

Northwest Rikarejeran Christ Fellowship, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Nsane Enterprises Inc., Michael Nimmo, 84575 Murdock Road.

O'Connell & Associates LLC, Allen Gardner, 725 Country Club Road.

Oregon Catholic Campus Ministry Institute, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Oregon Medical Group, 1580 Valley Drive, Suite 210.

Oregons Only Organics Co., P.O. Box 7312.

Parsons Consulting Inc., P McCleery, 44 Club Road, Suite 200.

Pawsh Inc., Gretchen Bredeson, 3871 N. Clarey St.

Pearl on Campus LLC, William Potter, 800 Willamette St., Suite 800.

Pegasus Holdings LLC, P.O. Box 70539.

Penelope's Place, Penelope Jones-Vaughn, 3850 Kincaid St.

Pentecostal Lighthouse of God, Larry Crane, P.O. Box 25521.

Peppermint Properties II LLC, Daniel Ogle, 1345 Olive St.

Philip Properties LLC, Daniel Brown, 400 Country Club Road, Suite 350.

Photography by Helen, Helen Fast, P.O. Box 51265.

Phytotech, Ian Balcom, 540 Polk St., #11.

Pivotal Writing LLC, Michael Russell, 1870 W. 34th Ave.

Planet Costar Records LLC, Shaun Notdurft, 529 Monroe, #8.

Plastic Soul Toys, Guy Yeager, 1196 W. Eighth Ave.

Polk Street Realty LLC, Ronald Purcell, 3220 Fillmore St.

Powdercordpouches, Tom Arnold, 3471 Timberline Drive.

Pro DJ Vission, Greta Buchanan, 965 Tyinn St., #7.

Promised Land Consulting LLC, Daniel Vishny, 2785 Polk St.

R&R Farm Inc, Paul Clayton, 1358 Oak St., #1.

Radiology Associates Enterprises LLC, Craig Smith, 180 E. 11th Ave.

Real Estate Development Services, Scott Davis, P.O. Box 72435.

Real Estate Lending Group Services, 220 E. 11th Ave., Suite 2.

Recoveryweb LLC, Michael Johnson, 5416 Charles Way.

Refinish Distributors Alliance Inc., Benjamin Kearney, 3455 W. First Ave.

River Road Pharmacy, Janice Mackey, 777 High St., Suite 200.

RNP Properties LLC, Joel Worcester, 1598 Orchard St.

RNS Management LLC, Rohn Roberts, Arnold Gallagher Saydack et al, 800 Willamette St., Suite 800.

Robinson Drafting, Robert Robinson, 165 E. 26th Ave.

Royalty Core, Casey Whelan, c/o Business Law Centre, 1158 High St., Suite 101.

Royalty Inc., Brianne Ellison, 1210 Interior St., Suite 2.

S.A.S. Consulting, Sarah Smith, 444 W. 15th Ave.

Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, P.O. Box 7193.

Sawtooth Investments LLC, Patricia Chapman, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

Schaffer Family LLC, Grant Schaffer, 305 W. Seventh Ave.

Schmidt Consulting Inc., Scott Bassinger, Bassinger & Kim 1200 Executive Parkway, Suite 320.

Scott's Carpentry, Scott Fickes, 2750 Jefferson St.

Scully and Welch Design Build LLC, Dustin Welch, 338 W. 22nd Ave.

Seaport Tire Co., Matthew Lowe, 390 W. 11th Ave.

Second Group LLC, Hamilton Budge, 725 Country Club Road.

Shampooch LLC, Jessica Plante, 3950 Goodpasture Loop, Apt. S321.

Shannon Technologies, Patrick Holleran, 2930 Central Blvd.

She the Gate Foundation, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Shiloh Forestry Services Inc., Toni Bamford, 90324 Prairie Road.

Sitsitsit LLC, P.O. Box 10567.

Smooth Moves Moving Company, 4750 Franklin Blvd., #1.

Sniders Plumbing & Drain Cleaning LLC, Brad Snider, 3810 Pattison St.

Solutions by Design LP, Deborah Watkins Nance, 1064 W. Fifth Ave.

Spencer Glenn LLC, Arthur Clark, 180 E. 11th Ave.

Sprocket GPS, Gary Palmer, 1310 Coburg Road, Suite 10.

St. Patricks Financial Services LLC, Robert Broten, 315 Ayres Road.

Steve's Outdoor Services, Steve Kriegh, P.O. Box 41806.

Stolen Flag Productions, Eric Brackett, 29840 Willow Creek Road, #31.

Stoneridge Apartments, 4175 Quest Drive.

Storage Stone, Stephen Jazdzewski, 2755 Elinor St.

Studio West, 245 W. Eighth Ave.

Sturdy Designs LLC, Brian Roddy, 4030 Hilyard St.

Sunset Hills Crematorium, 4810 Willamette St.

Sweet Briar Farms, Keith Cooper, 28475 Spencer Creek Road.

Talisman House LLC, Sara Donahue, 2483 Mission Ave.

Tall Investments LLC, Ann Mehlum, 141 Deer Valley Drive.

Tanya Beard LLC, Tanya Beard, 1224 Cal Young Road.

Tasty Thai Campus, Pismai Nissen, 4025 Normandy Way.

Ten Til Six Records, Brooke Parrott, 2635 Onyx St.

Terraforms, James Wynn, 2250 Patterson St., #23.

The Creek LLC, Mark McManus, 2595 Laurel Hill Drive.

The Grateful Gardener, Gwen Anderson, 4679 Scottdale St.

The Pacific Landscape Co, Peter Pond, 4433 Pinecrest Drive.

Theron C. And Gertrude M. Atkinson Memorial Trust, David Atkin, 590 W. 13th Ave.

Three Oaks Art and Photography, Marie Matsen, 84691 Laughlin Road.

Three Oaks Photo Art, Marie Matsen, 84691 Laughlin Road.

Thunder Investment LLC, c/o Business Law Centre, 1158 High St., Suite 101.

Toastmasters Lunchbunch, James Lindly, LCC Business Development Center, 1445 Willamette St., Suite 1.

Todd's Place, Malcolm Lacey, 2677 Willakenzie Road, 7A.

Tom Crandall Landscape Design LLC, Tami Beach, 401 E. 10th Ave., Suite 230.

Trailer Haven Rental & R.V.'s, Don Milligan, P.O. Box 2771.

Travel Bungee LLC, Joan Fulton, 327 Rustic Place, Unit 33.

True Faith Caravan Ministry, Rashema Christie, 341 E. 12th Ave.

U.S. Foundations LLC, William Potter, Arnold Gallagher Saydack Percell et al, 800 Willamette St., Suite 800.

Umpqua Symphony Association, P.O. Box 10567.

Un Solo Pueblo, Raven Rowley, 1022 Willamette St.

Valley Concepts Inc., P Mccleery, 44 Club Road, Suite 200.

Vea LLC, Ronald Bush, 360 E. 11th Ave.

Vicki's Transcription Service LLC, Victoria Schroeder, 5219 Sugarpine Circle.

Voluntary Benefit Specialists LLC, Sheilah Rund, 436 Durham Ave.

Vulcan Shareholder Rights Protection Committee LLC, Steve Munson, c/o Luvass Cobb, 777 High St., Suite 300.

Wee-Bop Music and Movement LLC, Scott Schultz, 969 Willagillespie Road.

Westwood Stable, Donald Laird, P.O. Box 10567.

What I Meant Too Say LLC, Lori Elliot, 2595 W. 22nd Ave.

Wheelie Bros, Rick Wirtz, 4872 Henceforth Lane.

White Forest Counseling Services, Chris Auer, 1963 Lake Isle Drive.

Wicked Works Productions LLC, Gary Nelson, 4542 Souza St.

Worcester Investments LLC, Jesse Worcester, 1598 Orchard St.

World Flavors #1, Alexandra Sianis, 3277 Mystic Lane.

World Flavors #2, Alexandra Sianis, 1044 Willamette.

Yellow Bird LLC, Howard Feinman, 975 Oak St., Suite 800.

Your Library Site, Anna Bronstein, 1659 Oak St.

Fall Creek

DJ'S Lops o' Land, Joan Boriack, 38722 Place Road.

Sara J Siegler P.C., Sara Siegler, 39523 Place Road.


Artist Hands, Erin Huston, 1191 Eighth St.

Brian Lacouture Building LLC, Brian Lacouture, 8 Mariners Lane.

Clean Energy Systems Inc., Klaus Witte, 90730 Southview Lane.

Florence Hotdogs Plus, Nicholas Wood, 1665 Highway 101A, P.O. Box 2113.

Florence Sweepers, Tiffany Rogato, 1919 E. 23rd St.

Get-R-Done Gardening, Sharon Miller, 5240 Berry Lane.

Jonan Studios, Jonan Scheffler, 3410 E. Myrtle Loop.

Leaning Tree Removal, Jared Hanson, 05478 Little Woahink Lake Road.

Linda's Affordable Thrift Store, Linda Wilcox, 1856 37th St.

Moonlight Creations, 89242 Sutton Lake Drive.

Nick's Yard Care, Nick Lutz, 83351 Parkway Drive.

Northwest Provisions Company, Sandy Rodriguez, 87958 Woodlans Drive.

Oregon Coast Aviation, Gary Rose, 04794 Treewood Drive.

Pacific Coast Coating's, Donald Beaton, 88939 Rustic Lane.

The Crusty Crab Gift Shoppe, 1341 Bay St., Unit A, P.O. Box 10000.

Junction City

Alroz Investments, Alan Burch, 92891 River Road.

Anime Alley & Arcade, Tiana Buckles, 610 Ivy St.

Awesome Boat Co., Louis Dornhecker, 95470 N. Toftdahl Lane.

Commercial Drapery & Blinds, Mike Hansen, P.O. Box 607.

Dylan Buhr's Cabinets, Dylan Buhr, 601 Bryant St.

Kurupt Boarding Company Inc., Nicholas Meller, 95402 Noraton Road.

My Buddy and I, Jeanette Jacobson, 93100 River Road.

Premier Janitorial, Debbie Springer, 225 W. Sixth Ave., #110.

Re-Cut Forest Products LLC, 94767 Love Lake Road.

The Grateful Gardener, 30344 Victory Drive.

Tntinvestigations, Ted Tolliver, 24874 Butler Road.


Fresh Baked LLC, P.O. Box 491.


Blue Ribbon Smoked Fish Company, 88122 Riverview Ave.

Commercial Insurance Services, Frank Wilson, P.O. Box 238.


Countryside Tractor Works, Bruce Larson, 95413 Johnson Road.


Cats - Child Advocacy Teacher Support, Debora Connolly, 76454 Hazel St.

Enterprise Light Haul Trucking LLC, James Sullivan, 47639 W. Second St.

Springfield Artistic Skating Impressions, Candy Naro, 76451 Union St., Space 24.

The Fine Classical Contractor Inc., Tim Fine, 48242 Laurel Butte.

Pleasant Hill

B Laird South Crest LLC, Brenda Laird, 84850 S. Ridgeway Road.

Carrillo's Lawn Maintenance, Michelle Carrillo, P.O. Box 512.

Color Bliss LLC, Jennifer Bennett, 85339 Ridgeway Road.

Highway 58 Garage, Ron Ellis, 35244 Highway 58.

J Laird South Crest LLC, James Laird, 84850 S. Ridgeway Road.


#1 Little Blessings Daycare, Daniel Terrel, 2407 17th St.

51463 Highway 97 LLC, Steve Gold, 35282 Mckenzie View Drive.

A+ Business Services LLC, Rebecca Martell, 36191 Jasper Road.

Above the Mess Janitorial Services LLC, Joel Mcclure, 1404 Olympic St.

Ace Truck Wash, Kevin Dempsey, 249 S. 67th St.

Aljosoft, Allen Jones, 1035 Kintzley Ave.

BGBerg LLC, Brian Berg, 34784 McKenzie View Drive.

Body and Soul Studio of Dance LLC, Heather Mulgrave, 543 W. Centennial.

Body and Soul Travel, Heather Mulgrave, 1427 Olympic St.

C&D Carpets and Maintenance General Contractor, Charlotte Marks, 495 36th St.

Carlsons and Smith LLC, Richard Carlson, 1155 T St.

Don Kahuna's Hula Huli Chicken, Donald Savicky, 720 South A St.

Dorvan Enterprises LLC, Everett Dormer, 87065 Cedar Flat Road.

E&M Cleaning, Erika Pina, 1903 10th St., #B.

Easylife Coaching LLC, Kelly Lacost, 166 18th St.

Forbes Construction, Forbes Jonasson, 5729 Main St., #219.

Fresh Baked LLC, Kristi Degulis, 217 N. 42nd St.

Friends of Cinderella, Gail Hiibschman, 4397 Holly St.

Froggy's Recycling Inc., P.O. Box 915.

Gibney Global, 88080 Heather Drive.

Grand Slam Training & Equipment, K Huffman, Thorp Purdy Jewett et al, 1100 Harlow Road, Suite 300.

Handyman Harris, Julianne Harris, 1027 Mill St.

Hope in the Children Inc., Carla Mcquillan, 522 65th St.

Hydra LLC, Lance Posey, 305 E St., #9.

Jumpin' Junie, Richard Wirkus, 570 S. 47 St.

KT Whiting Construction LLC, Kevin Whiting, 1437 E. St.

Mast Bros. Investments LLC, K Huffman, 1011 Harlow Road, Suite 300.

Master Mop LLC, Nemecio Lopez, 589 E. Harlow Road.

McKenzie Business Solutions LLC, Megan Ivey, 38454 Kickbusch Lane.

Melissa Daines Transcription, Melissa Daines, 1370 Menlo Loop.

Meyer Estates Homeowners Association Inc., Don Griffin, 1175 G St.

Midtown Court Big Town Hero, 130 S. 32nd St., Suite A.

My 401 K LLC, Roger Tiller, 1417 Wimbledon Place.

My Carrier Cards LLC, Craig Stebbins, 1125 Shelley St.

Neighborhood Handyman, Craig Kowarsky, 854 Mint Meadow Way.

No Pins 4 Baby, 5646 Thurston Road.

Oblss Inc, Shane Samuel, 5510 N. A St.

Ocean Park Apartments LLC, Christine Bourdelais Zack, 337 S. 68th Place.

Of the Fay Lipizzans LLC, Kimberly Thornton, 565 Harlow Road, #7.

Onsite Technical Training Corp., Nancy Brainard, 36485 Camp Creek Road.

Oregon Rentals & Homes LLC, Christine Bourdelais Zack, 337 S. 68th Place.

Oregons Only Organics Co., Frank Wann, 800 N. 42nd.

Pegasus Holdings LLC, Lance Posey, 305 E St., #9.

Phosign, Peter Dustrud, 1064 F St.

Puddle Jumper Towing, Darlene Marsh, 5751 Ridge Court.

R.D. Roupe Insurance Agency, Richard Roupe, 1126 Gateway Loop, #106.

Riverbend Maintenance & More, Michael Slaven, 2760 Wayside Lane.

Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation, Michael Zimmerman, 6788 E Court.

Scothorn's Auto Repair LLC, Bryce Jessen, 760 14th Ave.

Seven J LLC, Varner Johns, 777 High St., Suite 300.

Smooth Moves Moving Company, Joseph Lupear, P.O. Box 358.

Spectrum Concrete Flooring & Restoration, Tony Teal, 6808 Aster.

Springfield Artistic Skating Impressions, 3188 Gateway Loop.

Sunstone Hardscapes, Peter Erickson, 212 West E St.

Sweet Tooth Cakes, Traci Shoop, 5633 Thurston Road.

The Bear's Daycare, Rebecca Sylvester, 1618 Kellogg Road.

The Scott Dewitt LLC, K Huffman, 1011 Harlow Road, Suite 300.

Thunder Investment LLC, Debbie Durbin, 3434 Parker Lane.

Trademark West Enterprises, Dana Chesnut, 40282 Storment Lane.

Valley Ponds, Aaron Boals, 1276 S St.

Vyanet Technology, Cindy German, 6286 Fernhill Loop.

White Glove Cleaning Service, Deborah Andarge, 1854 Centennial Blvd.

Yager Construction, Thomas Yager, 3230 Partridge Way.

Yard Barber, Andrew Wilson, 2784 N. 20th St.


Earla's Earthworks, Earla Scott, 93509 Indian Creek Road.


Cloey Shea Treasures & Gifts, Alice Jenkins, 88267 Territorial Road, Suite 5.

Crow Computer Service, Bruce Chapman, 24218 Vaughn Road.

Detox for Healthy Living, Charlene Kampstra, P.O. Box 945.

St. Francis Veil Company, Francine Green, 24866 Strike St.

Venetian Piano LLC, Dennis Banks, 25221 Bolton Road E.


Anderson Outfitting, Caleb Anderson, 49459 McKenzie Highway.

Awenterprise, Shannon White, 45535 McKenzie Highway P.O. Box 14.

Gemisis Minerals LLC, Breeanne Netherton, 44518 McKenzie Highway.


All Around Delivery, Vernon Duwell, 17442 Highway 126.

Auntie M's Attic, Marlene Murchy, 18945 Highway 126.


Playsocial, 08905 Fiddle Creek Road.

The Crystal Cowgirl, Mary Bottensek, 6895 Canary Road.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Dec 1, 2008
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