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Yesterday's back page headline: PLAYERS SHARE THE PAIN, says MOWBRAY THEY are not hurting enough in my opinion. I will swap their hurt for mine! I think the local lads might be in agony though.

I know this is in the past and we need to move forward but I really would look in the Academy from now 'til January.

Erimus THIS is a poor, poor team we have here and a gap is starting to form between us and the rest of league. As a Boro fan I am very worried. The matchday experience for me is now appalling.

CJW HURTING? They want to try paying good money to watch that dross, now that really does hurt. Stop the hurt for us all and show some bottle for the fight.

Singaboro A VERY poor show on Saturday. The players didn't really look like they are hurting.

Parmos THEY are not hurting as much as the fans.

Banjo HURTING? I don''t think they know what the word means. That was another totally inept display. This is two games on the trot where Tony Mowbray has changed the team around. Unless injuries are a concern then he should stick with the team that brought back to back victories. My grandson's had enough after four seasons and it's starting to get to me.

Frank1954 REALITY check for all the players. The simple fact is, Millwall showed more desire to be first to the ball in every area of the pitch on Saturday. All the talk by Strachan at the start of the season was about having strikers to score goals, well I''d swap all three of ours for Morison from Millwall who, I might add, was signed from Stevenage Borough not from Rangers or Celtic.

Leeroy SUPER rich, privileged footballers hurting? Do me a favour. Sit in the stands and watch yourselves guys. For hurt read torture. Now that really does hurt.

Ronaldo I'M glad they''re hurting but so are the fans. Or should I say so are the long-suffering fans but the difference is that the pain the fans feel isn''t cushioned by a nice fat wage at the end of the month.

Tedted JANUARY WINDOW CAN WAIT says BOSS A CREATIVE midfielder is what we need to feed the front men who are capable of getting goals when they get the opportunities.

BramblesFarmBob I THINK we need at least four players and that's being kind. One player will make absolutely no difference.

Beninlondon I BELIEVE we need to sell before we can buy. Let's get rid of O''Neil and buy two wingers, a full back and a centre back with the money. Or the loan market could be used with our team being so unbalanced, I am amazed we have not dipped into it.

borofromtheashes IT'S essential that we get as many new faces in as possible because it's obvious the team we have is simply not good enough for this league.

We need proven Championship players or even Premier League players on loan if possible. Sadly the cream of the crop have been snapped up but there must be players that we can get to help us out this mess.

Eddy Boro Banter vote at Should Marvin Emnes start on Saturday? See tomorrow's paper for the result.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 23, 2010
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