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BULLY BULLARD; JUNGLE FAVOURITE'S F-WORD RANT; Fans turn against Jimmy after he mocks pal Jake.


JIMMY Bullard's chances of being crowned King of the Jungle have been severely hit by claims he is a "bully" - after he went too far when taunting Jake Quickenden.

Jimmy and Jake were involved in what was described as "banter" on Saturday's show but many viewers felt Jimmy crossed a line when mocking his pal.

The former football star has now gone from clear favourite to win with bookmakers to second behind Jake, as fans deserted him.

Thousands of people on Twitter blasted the ex-Fulham player. And Jake's mum Lisa praised her son for not stooping to Jimmy's level, saying: "Just like to say how proud I am of Jake, he handled Jimmy the best way by not biting back well done son."

At one point in their "banter" clash, Jake appeared hurt when Jimmy said: "I'm just thinking, 'What the f*** is this p**** doing in here? What's he offering?' Why the f*** are you in here? What are you? What sort of skill have you got?"

A poll by ITV2 found that 76% of viewers felt that he had gone over the top.

Viewer Steve Saul said: "Jimmy Bullard just lost my support... amazing how people justify getting nasty by calling it "banter".

And angry Jo Macey said: "Jimmy Bullard - what a moronic thick bully you are."

Chloe Neill added: "So is 'banter' now the new word for bullying? #jimmybullard."

Carl Fogarty was also critical of Jimmy.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, the former motorbike ace said: "Jimmy was proper on one, it was getting a bit heated and a bit nasty, I thought.

"He was proper putting Jake down. He is kind of only joking but I thought it was going a bit close to the bone. I was cringing. Jake has never claimed to be anyone and is a nice guy. Jimmy's banter, well, you have really got to be quite tough to take it, if you know what I mean."

Jake's official Twitter posted a message, possibly from agent and friend Jimmy Erwood, saying: "bad banter that".

And, speaking from the Versace hotel where he is staying with the other friends and family, Mr Erwood told the Mirror: "I think Jim and Jake have become good friends in the jungle.

"It is an unusual environment so it is natural that things might get a little tense at times with some ups and downs.

I think they resolved it pretty quickly and am confident they will leave the jungle with a lifetime friendship.

"I have been mates with Jimmy for a while now and he is a lovely guy, great character to be around and a very loyal friend."

On I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here Now! Jimmy's friend Rob Beckett also defended him, saying: "Jimmy is just better at the banter. It is like having a sword fight with a Jedi."

But Joe Swash said: don't think Jimmy would have had that banter with Foggy. He knows he wouldn't take it."

B o o k-makers had Jimmy as the odds-on favourite to win at 5/6. Now he's slid to 5-2, with some firms saying Jake is now 2-1 favourite to become King of the Jungle.

Ladbrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge said: "Jimmy's odds of winning the show are drifting like a barge, and it now looks like the jungle joker has peaked too soon.

"The bromance is quickly breaking apart, but the money suggests Jake is in pole position to overtake Bullard as the camp king."

Later Jimmy apologised and the pair gave each other a hug.

Jimmy said: "I hurt you there, didn't I, that little bit of banter? I didn't mean it. Just pure banter and I mean that. I would never, ever mean it, you know it. I can tell from your body language.'

Jimmy was proper on one, it was getting a bit heated, a bit nasty, I thought CARL FOGARTY critical of banter in bush telegraph


CRINGING Carl Fogarty

SORRY Jimmy hugs Jake
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 1, 2014
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