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Byline: By DANIELLE LAWLER TV Correspondent

THIS is the new sex siren who's taking TV's Emmerdale by storm. Stunning Roxanne Pallett sent pulses soaring when she arrived in the sleepy village as vet receptionist Jo Stiles.

The man-mad minx has already proved a hit with antique dealer Danny Daggert (Cleveland Campbell) and vet Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

But things are set to get steamier...

Roxanne, 22, laughs: "Sex scenes don't bother me. Jo is a very sexy character and her storyline is going to get racier over the next few months, and I can't wait. Me and Jo have a lot in common - especially our naughtiness!"

But behind Roxannes's sultry good looks is a real-life torment. She has never had a father figure.

Her dad walked out on her mum Monica while she was pregnant and has never been seen since.

Roxanne, from Carlisle, says: "My dad's never been part of my life, I don't even know his name. My mum and my grandma were everything to me."

It was the support of her mum who got Roxanne through being bullied at her local high school.

"My grandad is Italian so I've always had darker skin than most people," says Roxanne. "And at school this singled me out as different from the other kids.

"I remember walking into school one day and the kids had written the 'N'-word on the blackboard to insult me.

"I also had my hair set on fire and was beaten up. But though it was hard to deal with at the time, I never gave up. I wouldn't let the bullies see how upset I was. In fact the whole experience made me stronger."

Roxanne went to Liverpool's John Moores University to do a degree in media studies, where she started her own four-piece girl band called Urban Angel, managed by ex-East 17 singer Tony Mortimer.

She says: "I was told I could sing well so I decided to set up my own girl band. But then I was told I was too fat.

"I was dancing in a music video and the choreographer said to the other girls lose the little fat one on the end, meaning me. If I was crushed by criticism like that I wouldn't get anywhere. I've got a thick skin.

"Now I can laugh at those people who bullied me and said I'd never make it because since I've joined Emmerdale I feel like I have," she adds.

Roxanne wasn't the first choice for Jo as she originally auditioned for the role of vicar's niece Jasmine.

"I think the writers thought I was too feisty so they offered me Jo instead," she says.

"I was delighted as I think she's a perfect part. I loved it when Jo first walked into the surgery with her red lipstick on and Paddy didn't know what to make of her.

"But then I've always loved dressing up to look sexy, and I love gorgeous underwear. If it was a choice between buying something to eat for tea or lingerie, I'd choose lingerie every time."


Sultry stunner.. Roxanne shows off the shape that landed her the role of sexy Jo in Emmerdale; Show stopper..Roxanne with Danny Daggert; Pictures: CELEBRITYPICTURES.CO.UK
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2005
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