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 WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Bubble gum lovers no longer have to go to a carnival or amusement park for the novel taste of cotton candy. "Cotton Candy," the newest flavor from Bubble Yum Bubble Gum, will arrive on retail shelves in October.
 The new soft chuck gum flavor from Nabisco Foods Group's LifeSavers Division has both the flavor and aroma of cotton candy. And it looks as unique as it tastes.
 A manufacturing process known as co-extrusion makes each chunk of gum dark blue on one side and bright pink on the other, and there's a swirl on each end of each chunk. Cotton Candy, with a suggested retail price of 40 cents a pack, will be sold to the trade nationwide in late September.
 The Cotton Candy flavor rated high among young consumers in trial tests. "Seventy-two percent of those who tried it said they would buy the flavor," said Michael Terry, product manager for Bubble Yum.
 "Sixty percent of those who tried the new Cotton Candy flavor said it was better than any other flavor they were currently chewing," Terry adds. "Cotton Candy is a unique fun flavor that will complement the Bubble Yum line and be an exciting alternative to competitive flavors currently on the market."
 Cotton Candy is one of several recent enhancements to the Bubble Yum line. This trendy flavor joins two others that were at retail counters by the end of 1992 -- Sour Apple and Sour Cherry.
 "Sour Apple leads the chunk bubble gum category in retail velocity, and Sour Cherry is among the top five flavors, according to our latest marketing research data," says Terry.
 New Sugarless 10-Piece Packs
 In another September rollout, Bubble Yum's sugarless gum packs will have twice as much gum as before. Four flavors of Sugarless Bubble Yum will be offered in a new 10-piece pack with neon-bright graphics. At a suggested retail price of 69 cents, the 10-piece sugarless pack has excellent consumer values, Terry points out.
 Bubble Yum Sugarless Gum traditionally has been packaged five pieces per pack with a 40-cents suggested retail price. The brand's sugarless line

targets consumers 17 to 34, including parents who choose sugarless gum for their children.
 The 10-piece pack will replace the 5-piece pack in the grape, strawberry and peppermint sugarless flavors. Regular sugarless Bubble Yum will come in both 10- and 5-piece packs.
 As youngsters reach for larger gum packs, Bubble Yum is offering its second 10-piece pack. The brand introduced "Mega 10 Pak" for its regular sugared bubble gum last November, and added a Wild Strawberry Mega 10 Pak in June.
 "The 10-piece pack provides benefits for both the consumer and the retailer," Terry explains. "The 10-piece pack offers our young consumers better value. Kids like to share the pleasure of chewing bubble gum, and the 10-piece pack gives them more gum to share with friends.
 "For retailers, pack-per-pack profits will be higher and the 10-piece packs are expected to move off retail shelves as quickly or quicker than five-piece packs," he adds.
 Bubble Yum Bubble Gum has been on the market since 1975, and sugarless Bubble Yum, the nation's top-selling sugarless chunk bubble gum, arrived in 1979.
 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Bubble Yum Cotton Candy, a soft chunk
 bubble gum that is co-extruded in
 manufacturing to give it two contrasting
 colors, blue and pink. It tastes and
 smells like cotton candy and contains no
 fat or sodium.
 PACKAGING: Five-chunk pack with lively blue, pink and
 yellow graphics.
 SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: 40 cents a pack.
 TARGET AUDIENCE: Children and teens, ages 8-17
 DISTRIBUTION: National in convenience stores and
 tobacco-candy outlets initially. Will
 ship to trade Sept. 20, 1993.
 MARKETING SUPPORT: No special promotions or advertising
 planned at this time.
 MANUFACTURING LOCATION: LifeSavers Division Plant
 Holland, Mich., since 1975.
 OTHER FLAVORS: Bananaberry Split, Grape Regular, Sour
 Apple, Sour Cherry, Strawberry Stripe,
 Three Flavor (Regular, Grape, Wild Cherry),
 and Wet & Wild Watermelon.
 -0- 9/13/93
 /EDITOR'S NOTE: Color slides and black and white photos are available upon request./
 /CONTACT: Flontina Miller, LifeSavers Division, Nabisco Foods Group, 919-741-5135/

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