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BUBBLE PLATES for fluid beds.

Niro BUBBLE PLATES are the only fluid bed plates that meet all the needs of modern food production: non-sifting, capable of transporting and discharging powder efficiently, and designed for efficient sanitary cleaning.

The BUBBLE PLATES is the latest design of fluid bed plate from Niro A/S. Unlike its predecessors conventional or gill plate designs BUBBLE PLATES meet the needs of fluid bed design perfectly. They are non-sifting for most food products: i.e. they do not allow the heat-sensitive material to fall through the perforations; the holes in the plate direct the air flow almost parallel with the plate surface for effective powder transportation and discharge; and the plate is manufactured without crevices or sharp corners that can harbour bacteria thereby making it easy to clean. BUBBLE PLATES have oval holes in the side of punched bubbles that can be manufactured in any direction to achieve the fluid flow characteristics required. Although BUBBLE PLATES have far fewer holes per square metre than conventional or gill plates, the holes themselves are significantly larger thereby achieving the airflow required.

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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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