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BTMA: Brings together British textile machinery and equipment manufacturers.

Virtually all of today's textile manufacturing processes - from the carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, tufting and nonwoven bonding of fibres through to advanced colouration, finishing and printing techniques - can be traced back to British patents and research and development somewhere along the line. The country's vast textile machinery heritage puts many of the BTMA members at the forefront of their fields.The UK is now a world-leading source of quality control, testing and monitoring systems - vital resources in enabling global textile manufacturers to compete for orders with pace-setting high street retailers.

"The BTMA never misses a chance to promote the benefits of working with companies who are often the source of the quality standards everyone is chasing," says Alan Little. "Anyone who thinks that lower production costs in major textile centres are achieved by compromising on quality couldn't be more wrong. Many of these manufacturers are almost fanatical about quality control and process improvement, because they know it will make or break their reputations internationally. These companies are ideal partners for the BTMA's members with the right products and expertise, because that urgency to improve performance raises everyone's game."

Successful innovation needs a foundation of experience and expertise, and UK textile machinery firms are known for their leadership in technology development in all areas of textile production, says Alan Little, BTMA Director.

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Date:Aug 31, 2011
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