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 LONDON, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- BT and Cellnet have signed agreements which look to build upon Newton technology. These will range from making the product available through BT Shops to long term joint research and development exploiting Newton Intelligence and its communications architecture.
 Gaston Bastiaens, vice president and general manager, Apple Computer (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) Personal Interactive Electronics Division commented: "We are delighted that BT, a major worldwide telecommunications organization, has decided to work with Apple as the telecoms and computing industries begin to co-operate more closely. Both companies realize the huge benefits for customers if increasingly sophisticated telecom products can become easier to use. At the same time computing companies need to embrace seamless telecommunications throughout their product lines to deliver the functionality customers now require."
 BT and Newton MessagePad
 BT are investigating the use of Newton MessagePad in several internal projects. These involve the provision and capture of information "in the field" and wireless communications. BT representatives attended the very first Newton Developer "kitchen" in Europe, which was held in Munich in July, and are already working on prototype applications.
 BT Shops and Newton MessagePad
 A select number of BT Shops will be selling Newton MessagePad. MessagePad represents a new category of communications product on sale through the BT Shops which complements BT's extensive range of telephone, fax and paging products. BT and Apple will be working together to develop telecommunications specific solutions for the BT Shops.
 BT Mobile -- Paging and Newton MessagePad
 BT Mobile's paging division, the UK's largest paging network operator, is entering into talks with Apple to work on a Newton based alphanumeric paging solution.
 BT has over 400,000 existing paging users and supplies products and services through a variety of channels including BT Shops. Any resultant product will primarily be targeted at the existing customer base and BT Shop customers.
 Cellnet and Apple
 Cellnet, the UK's leading mobile network operator, has announced an agreement with Apple to develop a range of cellular products and services based on Newton technology. The agreement will build on Apple's strengths in product and human interface design and Cellnet's leading position in developing innovative cellular services and tariff packages.
 Cellnet's Terminal Systems Manager, Mark Rigby, said: "We are delighted to be working with Apple on the integration of Newton technology and cellular network services. As consumers are faced with increasingly complex and sophisticated services, ease of use will become a major factor in determining their ultimate success. With the Newton MessagePad, Apple has shown that it continues to lead in this area and Cellnet is determined to maintain its lead in bringing innovative new services to market."
 Apple Online Services and BT
 Apple Online Services, the electronic services business unit within the Apple Computer Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division, announced on Aug. 2, 1993, that it awarded contracts to Sprint, as primary contractor, and BT North America Inc. to provide network carrier service in North America for Apple's future on-line services.
 Users of Newton, Macintosh personal computers, and PCs running MS/DOS or Windows are expected to have access to these rich information services in the future.
 As the selected network carriers for the United States and Canada, both companies will provide a key component of the new services being developed by Apple Online Services. Network carriers for the Pacific Rim countries and Europe will be announced at a later date.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: This was released in the United Kingdom on Sept. 16/
 /CONTACT: Russell Brady of Apple Computer UK Ltd., 081-730-2480; or BT Press Office, 071-356-5369; or William Ostrom or Gill MacLean of Cellnet, 0753-550482; or Emma Bufton of Regis McKenna Inc., 408-974-1856, for Apple Computer/


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