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BRS search full retrieval software packages.

BRS Search Full Retrieval Software Packages

BRS Software Products, a division of Maxwell Online, has announced BRS/SEarch for the professional, a full-text retrieval software package for MS-DOS.

Professional Search offers many new features that were not previously available under the MS-DOS version of the software. Included are a true Native Mode command-driven interface, database concatenation, online display and offline printing features, database security, and an optional Thesaurus module.

These additions enhance the BRS/Search software best known for its ability to enable users to design and create databases, store textual records, and selectively retrieve records based on any word or combination of words. Professional Search quickly and easily locates the information requested. Normally associated with large computer systems, these powerful features are now available for the personal computer, and only from BRS Software Products.

With the new PC version of BRS/Search, the size of a database is limited only the available space on the storage media. BRS/Search is already being used in CD-ROM applications under MS-DOS with databases up to 500 megabytes in size.

Users can choose from a command-driven or several menu driven interfaces, or design their own interfaces. BRS/Search includes a full complement of security features, flexible display and print options, and a complete collection of manuals. A full ANSI Standard Thesaurus module that augments searching is also available.

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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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