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Byline: Kari Davis

I know two of the people who helped the victims before the ambulance arrived at last week's Taft High School shooting. They are my brothers.

The greatest and most despairing disappointment to them was the crowd of people who gathered to gawk at the scene, spectators who watched those children struggle for their lives. None of them, save for my brothers, moved an inch to help.

One woman even blared her horn when my brothers got out of their van to help! She was in a big hurry, you see, and their van was blocking her green light. What she didn't know, or care to know, was that my brothers left their vehicle quickly to get to the three kids who had been shot.

People stood and watched. No one was proactive.

It sickened one of my brothers. The whole experience was appalling. The fact that something like that even happened has ruined my brother's hope for humanity.

I suppose when you hold a 15-year-old child's bleeding body in your arms, it puts things you wouldn't normally think about into perspective.

One of my brothers told me that he wasn't sure why he happened to be there at the exact moment those kids got shot. I explained to him that it wasn't a coincidence. It appears to me that if my brothers hadn't been there, those kids may have lay there dying while everyone else stood around and watched.

Thank God my brothers were more than willing to help. Thanks to their quick thinking, with no regard for themselves, my brothers became heroes that day. I am so proud of them!

When I think about what my brother said to me, about losing his hope in humanity, I think to myself, well, you just proved to me that not all of us have lost our humanity. You're my hero. It's because of your hearts that three children have a fighting chance. It's because of you that the parents of those children will know that their kids weren't alone after they got shot, but were with people who held them and tried to stop their bleeding and assured them that they would be just fine, that help was on the way.

I write this story in hopes that people will have more of an awareness in emergency situations. You see, every time a terrible event happens, it involves somebody's mother, or brother or child.

I would want someone to help my child if I couldn't be there. I pray that someone would stay with my mother if she was hurt terribly in an accident.

If my story changes even one person's heart, or teaches people to be proactive and get involved when their fellow man is suffering, this whole tragedy will not have been in vain.
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Date:Sep 17, 2003
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