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BRONSON'S LOVE LETTERS FROM JAIL REVEALED; EXCLUSIVE Pen-pal tells of correspondence with UK's most dangerous prisoner.


VIOLENT jailbird Charles Bronson has struck up a romantic letter friendship with a one-time actress and glamour model.

Britain's most dangerous con is hoping to meet up with Gemini Reynolds once he's released from Wakefield jail - dubbed the Monster Mansion - after the pair became unlikely pen-pals.

In a string of dispatches sent over two years the lusty jailbird, whose real name in Michael Peterson, reveals he is desperate for love and keen to meet up with his pen pal.

50-year-old Gemini started writing to prisoner BT1314 after being intrigued by the frightening figure she saw staring from the pages of the press.

Chatting at the home of a pal in Dorset, Gemini, who has appeared topless in the pages of daily tabloids and top-shelf magazines, said: "I'm not a letter-writing person at all which makes it bizarre that I carried on writing to Chaz, as I've always called him.

"But I found as his letters came back I got to like him more and more. Therefore, I replied and it carried on from there.

"I think his letters reveal the real man.

He's not a monster in my eyes. I hope he gets downgraded and rehabilitated toward his freedom. There is no reason why he should not.

"I warm to him, he is funny and charismatic and comes across quite well."

Soon Bronson, whose family is from A berystwyth, revealed how lovesick he was.

In one missive he told his saucy pen pal: "You look back at the 1950s stars, and 1960s, they were all like you are now. Real women.

"Real sexy women. Monroe, Hayworth, Taylor, and the likes that had bodies to die for.

"You've got the curves that's for sure.

"You should send me some special ones to see what I'm missing."

In another he said: "I'm a bit greedy in the bedroom, I've got a lot to catch up on.

"I've spent three and a half decades sleeping alone Gemini apart from a three-month spell but even then it was very little. I'm starved of sex, bloody starving.

"Let's be honest Gemini, don't we deserve a good work out together?"

Bronson - whose biopic bearing his name and starring Tom Hardy was released this week - is keen to meet her at her poolside home in Cyprus.

But boyfriends beware.

Bronson wants Gemini, who has appeared in The Bill and London's Burning, all to himself: "Tell him to stay away for a week or two. You won't need him!

Promise," he warned.

Gemini from Cat ford, South London, admitted she had sent "sexy" messages back to the armed robber who has spent the past 30 years in solitary confinement.

She said: "He asked me to wear red underwear and asked for a glamour pic.

"He doesn't know anything about my background and that I have been in The Sun and done topless glamour modelling so I smiled to myself and thought 'here's me at 50, who wants to seea50-year-old in sexy underwear?I'ma50-year-oldpin up on a prison wall!' "But I enjoyed posing, I always have done and will do even when I'm in my 70s."

Things didn't get intimate until they had been exchanging notes for a while.

"Why would it not lead to something more sexy?" said Gemini.

She added: "In my last letter to him a couple of days ago I said to him 'do you look as good naked as Tom Hardy?' I don't know what his response will be but I think he will probably think he looks better!

"And I imagine he will look very fit. I like fit men."

Bronson has already said he wants Gemini on his arm at his 'freedom party'.

And she wants him by her poolside at her Cypriot home: "He would be welcome to come and seemein Cyprus and take things from there," she said.

Despite Bronson's violent past Gemini, the ex-wife of former Wimbledon FC chairman Beau Reynolds, says she had got a feel for him through his letters.

She was amazed he could keep a sense of hum our after so long inside.

"I don't condone what Chaz has done.

He says himself that he has done wrong," she said.

"But I do support him and hope that soon he gets the freedom he deserves.

He has never killed.

"And if he gets paroled and gets let out and messes up that's up to him. But he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison."

Last month Bronson, who Gemini has named her poodle after, faced a parole board hearing.

If it goes his way he could be out of his cage and on the streets by summer.

Gemini has written Bronson's Bird about her exchanges. It is available through Cariboo Publishing priced pounds 14.99


"HOW'S life for you Gemini? Plenty of good times?

"Do you have a fella around to make you smile?

"When I'm out there tell him to stay away for a week or two! You really won't need him. Promise.

"And I'm not into threesomes. If two people can't get it on, three, four or 10 won't.

"It's all about chemistry. No chemistry.

No good. Might as well call itaday.

"Once I've had some good grub and some good sun I'll be ready for anything.

"I've got years and years to catch up on Gemini. You know this.

"And you' remagic. A Godsend for me!"


"You look good Gemini. Fit, hearty and very hot!

"You remind me of the 1950s and 60s women. Real women!

"Not like the skinny birds today.

"You know how to move, groove and dress. Sexuality at its best.

"I like your style. (And) your place looks stylish. Very tasty.

"I bet you eat good food too, 'cos your skin looks fresh and shiny.

"You can tell a lot by skin and eyes.

"Some eyes are dull, drab, sad and scary, angry.

"You're 100% in my nut now. We have to get it together."


BIRD MAN: Tom Hardy stars as Bronson in the hard-hitting new film
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Date:Mar 22, 2009
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