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Sealing inspection. The Basler Vario inspection system inspects different circular parts in order to measure dimensions and to detect surface defects, according to the company's four-page, four-color brochure. Modules described can be combined for the special requirements of each individual product. The mechanical system is specially designed to handle form-stable mass rubber products. The dimensional sensor measures the ID/OD or the cross-section with high precision, according to the literature. (Basler Vision Technologies)

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Urethanes. An eight-page, full-color brochure presents the features and benefits of the company's thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) for medical and surgical devices. Advantages such as durability, fabricability, ease of disposal and the absence of plasticizers are said to make these TPUs increasingly popular for high-performance products such as critical "can't fail" medical situations, according to the literature. The brochure describes the properties and performance characteristics of urethane, and compares TPU to other commonly used flexible materials such as PVC. Tables compare the properties of these materials. (Stevens Urethane)

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TPE alloys. A four-page, color brochure details the properties, applications and benefits of the company's Versaflex TPE alloy compounds for a variety of industries and markets. With a wide variety of grades available in the Versaflex product line, the company is said to offer solutions to many different material needs across a spectrum of markets. Versaflex grades are offered which provide clarity, high heat resistance, overmolding capabilities, a silky feel, wet grip or lightweight grip. Various overmolding grades of the Versaflex TPE alloys are available for different substrates, including nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, ABS, PC/ABS blends and propionate. The brochure features descriptions and overviews of the many grades, and offers the key advantages of each, as well as a sampling of applications and markets for which each product in the line is well-suited. (GLS)

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Cyclone collectors. The company's Cyclone Collectors brochure describes, graphs and illustrates the various models and collector sizes produced for use in the plastics and chemical industries. The long cone, high efficiency and high volume Cyclone Collector varies from 18 inches to 144 inches. The brochure details inlet rotational orientation, as well as features such as floating flanges and available sight glasses for product flow monitoring. (Kice Industries)

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Acrylonitrile-butadiene polymers. This producer of synthetic rubbers for the tire and automotive industry, as well as technical goods production, offers its newsletter highlighting Europrene N Green acrylonitrile-butadiene polymers. These products are said to represent an advanced technical solution for demanding applications. The Green grade is achieved by an intensive washing process during the polymer finishing, therefore producing a cleaner polymer, according to the literature. Since the backbone of the polymer has not changed, customers who are currently using Europrene N grades can substitute the Green grades. (EniChem Americas)

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Laboratory extruder. The PolyDrive extruder, featured in a six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure, is developed to provide solutions for extrusion applications. Combined with the specific accessories, such as the extruder barrel, screws, dies, post-extrusion units and feeding units, it provides the optimum answer for applications concerned with the extrusion of polymers and rubber, according to the literature. Equipped with a self-explanatory operating concept, as well as "intelligent" electronics, PolyDrive is designed to be used as a robust solution for everyday usage. The extrusion parameters are stored after entry and can be called up at the touch of a button from that moment on. The extrusion process can be followed on the large-scale display. (Haake)

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Release agents. Dry lubricants and release agents, said to offer high quality, value and purity, are featured in the company's 16-page, four-color brochure. During the transition from chlorofluorocarbon carriers to friendlier ozone-impact solutions, the company is said to continue to provide its customers with a wide selection of alternative products in both aerosol and bulk liquid form. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has been the active ingredient in the company's release agent/ dry lubricant formulations for many years. Based on Teflon chemistry, PTFE is said to provide suspensions of low molecular weight fluoropolymers in a variety of easy forms. (Miller-Stephenson Chemical)

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Thermoplastic vulcanizates. Uniprene thermoplastic vulcanizates are featured in a six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure. Uniprene is a specially designed thermoplastic vulcanizate which contains a highly crosslinked elastomeric phase finely dispersed in a thermoplastic matrix. The crosslinked elastomeric phase provides functional performance similar to vulcanized rubber, while the thermoplastic phase provides the processability of plastics. The literature highlights typical applications, functional characteristics and available grades of Uniprene. (Teknor Apex)

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Castable polyurethane. Polyurethane manufacturers are encouraging manufacturing and design engineers to "open the door to problem solving" in a brochure detailing the benefits of castable polyurethane applications in many industries. The literature contains detailed information about the unique properties of polyurethane that make it capable of outperforming metals, rubber, plastics and wood in a variety of applications. The brochure also includes a listing of the organization's member companies. (Polyurethane Manufacturers Association)

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Polyurethane additives. Two product bulletins highlight the company's Dabco 2039 catalyst and Dabco DC4000 silicone surfactant, both of which are designed for application in flexible polyester slabstock foams. The bulletin on Dabco 2039 catalyst explains that the catalyst serves as an alternative to less versatile amines, such as N-ethylmorpholine (NEM), N-methylmorpholine (NMM) and benzyldimethylamine (BDMA). Also included is a table showing the relative use level of Dabco 2039 catalyst versus other standard amine catalysts. The product bulletin on Dabco DC4000 surfactant highlights the benefits of the surfactant in a wide variety of polyester foam formulations. The bulletin also contains test formulations and performance data of Dabco DC4000 surfactant in a variety of polyester slabstock foam formulations for industrial and textile applications. (Air Products and Chemicals)

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