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Elastomer guide. An elastomer compatibility guide is available for oil field engineers. The guide is said to be a comprehensive design tool allowing engineers to quickly access information on elastomer suitability in chemically aggressive environments. The company is an international manufacturer of high performance specialty seals and engineered plastic components. (Greene, Tweed & Co.)

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Rubber tooling. This two-page, four-color brochure describes the company's tooling for the rubber industry, emphasizing in liquid silicone molds. Featured are liquid injection mold insert encapsulation, an injection mold face mask, liquid injection mold bellows, and multi-cavity transfer and compression molds. The company's product design and development, sampling capabilities, prototype molds and cold runner technology are also described. (Kipe Molds)

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Temperature testing. A product brochure provides an overview of the company's products and services, including temperature testing instruments, sensors and supplies. Included are pyrometer, calibrators, controllers, etc. (Electronic Development Labs)

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Manufacturing control. The Mix Vision system is featured in a six-page, four-color brochure that highlights the system functions and architecture. The systems are scaleable from basic mixing cycle control to complete mixing process integration, including weighing, mixing, mills, batch-offs, scheduling, inventory, management information, laboratory and business system links. Running under Windows NT, Mix Vision utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, providing an open architecture. The system is said to greatly enhance ISO 9000 implementation and is completely year 2000 ready, according to the literature. (Mesabi Control Engineering)

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Preblend capabilities. A brochure describes the company's PolyAd Preblend capabilities in detail. The PolyAd Preblend business is said to be a leader in the development, production and supply of customer-specific additive preblend packages. PolyAd Preblends are custom-made solutions to incorporation problems compatible with the customers' existing manufacturing equipment, according to the literature. One-of-a-kind additive packages are developed to meet specific customer needs. Other advantages are said to include simplified manufacturing operations, improved dosing accuracy and product quality. The company develops, manufactures and markets additives for polymers, coatings, lubricants and other materials. (Ciba Specialty Chemicals)

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Weigh batching and blending. Two types of automated weigh batching and blending systems are detailed in the company's brochure. The systems are said to offer consistent accuracy at high speeds when weigh batching and/or blending free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk ingredients. Gainin-weight batching systems convey ingredients from any source to a central receiving vessel mounted on load cells above a blender, reactor or other process equipment. Bulk bag loss-of-weight systems convey bulk ingredients from individual bulk bag weigh batch dischargers to a central receiving vessel. (Flexicon)

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Rubber chemicals. An updated line card and company brochure includes a complete summary of product tradenames, along with a description of corresponding chemistry. Oils, chemicals and resins listed include rosin resins, resin dispersions, fatty acids and derivatives, wax emulsions, plastic modifiers, hydrocarbon resins, defoamers, cationic resins, amines, glycols, carbonates, emulsifiers, surfactants, heat transfer fluids, phenolic resins, copolymers, ethylene vinyl acetate, terpolymers, polybutenes, ethylene amines, styrene isoprene and styrene butadiene block copolymers, naphthenic process oils, metallic carboxylates, polyester resin catalysts and loss of dry inhibitors. (Laos & Dilworth)

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Ovens and furnaces. This manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces and custom heat processing systems offers its 80-page, full-color catalog, complete with all specifications and ordering information. A standard equipment offering of over 350 unit styles is detailed, including laboratory, bench, cabinet, universal, truck, cleanroom, walk-in and conveyor ovens, as well as bench, tool room, laboratory, box, car bottom and tube furnaces. The company's experience in designing custom heat processing sytems is also featured. (Grieve)

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Thermoplastic rubber. An eight-page color brochure summarizes food and beverage applications of Santoprene thermoplastic rubber and other thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) available from the company. These TPEs are said to provide a wide range of physical properties and performance characteristics that make them the materials of choice for lids, closures, seals, gaskets, grips and transfer devices in the food and beverage industry, according to the literature. The brochure provides material comparisons, performance graphs and chemical resistance data on a variety of elastomers. The company offers TPEs that comply with FDA, NSF and EU requirements, according to the literature. (Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P.)

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Rubber processing insulation. The company's full-color brochure describes Pyropel polyimide fiberboard insulation, said to be the first insulation developed specifically to meet the stringent demands of rubber and plastics processing. Rigid and lightweight, yet tough and durable, Pyropel is two to four times more effective than other commonly used hardboard thermal insulations and can be used in applications up to 600 [degrees] F (315 [degrees] C), according to the literature. Pyropel is said to be self-supporting, dimensionally stable and eliminates the need for special support structures or design considerations, according to the literature. It is said to be easily installed on process equipment using simple fasteners or adhesives, and is compression resistant. (Albany International, High Performance Materials)

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