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BROCADE Links Internal SAN Implementation.

BROCADE Communications Systems, Inc. has selected Datalink to implement an internal Storage Area Network (SAN) at the BROCADE Communications Systems headquarters in San Jose, CA. Tailored to support BROCADE Communication's growth as the supplier of Fibre Channel fabric solutions, Datalink will implement a storage management solution for BROCADE in a multi-phase approach. Phase one includes the integration of LAN-free backup (with dynamic tape allocation) and shared disk capabilities in a homogeneous, multi-server environment. In phase two, Datalink will build upon this infrastructure, incorporating multi-node clustering and scaled storage systems for BROCADE Communications Systems Inc.'s heterogeneous, multi-server environment. Datalink's SAN provides the infrastructure to support BROCADE Communications Systems' data assets into the future by accommodating growth and ensuring availability and recoverability.

"Expanding our Storage Area Network capabilities is an important part of our IT strategy during this period of market growth. As the provider of fabric switches to enable connectivity for Storage Area Networks, expanding our own internal SAN infrastructure will help support our storage and information needs," said Michael Jones, chief information officer of BROCADE Communications.

"We are pleased that BROCADE selected Datalink to integrate a multi-phase SAN solution," states Greg Meland, president and CEO of Datalink. "BROCADE Communications Systems Inc.'s selection of Datalink for this project is a testimony of our SAN integration expertise."
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Title Annotation:Company Business and Marketing; contract with Datalink
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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