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A BRITISH tourist was killed and two women from the UK were wounded yesterday when a gunman opened fire on a group of holidaymakers in Jordan.

Three other westerners and a Jordanian policeman were hurt.

A local man in his 30s yelled "God is Great!" before shooting the tourists at a Roman amphitheatre in the capital, Amman.

The gunman was over powered by police and local people. He was being interrogated last night.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We can confirm the death of a male British national, and that there are two British nationals in hospital."

She said five other Brits had been treated for shock, and were being helped by consular staff.

One of the Brits who survived, Karen Sparke, said from her hospital bed: "We were walking up some stairs at the amphitheatre and a man came up behind us and started to shoot.

"We turned around and saw this man pointing a gun at us and I got shot. I went up the steps a bit further and stood round the corner and I realised I was bleeding all over.

"The locals came and dragged us away to protect us and then they got the ambulance."

The attack came despite heightened security in Amman after suicide bombers killed 60 people in attacks on three hotels in November.

Jordan is a close ally of the west, but was also the homeland of al-Qaeda's dead leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The Foreign Office warns that Britons who travel there run the risk of indiscriminate terrorism.

Around 57,000 UK tourists visited Jordan in 2005.


ATTACKED: Injured Briton
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 5, 2006
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