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The Britten-Pears Foundation and Snape Maltings are delighted to announce their intention to merge to create one organisation, the Benjamin Britten Foundation. The visions of these two charitable, sister organisations stem from the same founders--Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears--and bringing them together as one will significantly enhance their impact, reach, influence, and engagement. The new unified organisation will not only provide new opportunities to promote and preserve Britten and Pears' legacies, but will also realise their original intent of bringing together the activities at The Red House and Snape Maltings into a single Foundation.

The Benjamin Britten Foundation will be a unique cultural institution, based in two remarkable and world-renowned locations, six miles apart in Aldeburgh and Snape, Suffolk. It will encompass music performance and artist development, composition, scholarship and research, education, visual arts, and heritage, based on the values and extraordinary legacy of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears. The Benjamin Britten Foundation will bring together the comprehensive collections and archives at The Red House in Aldeburgh with the Concert Hall and creative campus at Snape Maltings, which will continue to grow its role as an Arts Council England National Centre of Excellence, providing leadership in the fields of music and creative health, talent development, and residencies.

The Britten-Pears Foundation and Snape Maltings have complementary aims and objectives and the synergies between them are deep and far reaching. Each organisation developed from the two charities founded and supported by Britten and Pears in their lifetimes: one to preserve and provide access to their library and collections at The Red House, which is the largest single composer archive in the U.K., and the other to support performance and talent development at Snape Maltings.

The merger will be a positive and transformational moment in the Britten legacy, rooting Britten more strongly to Suffolk. By joining forces, they will have a greater impact on society and create a larger canvas on which to continue, develop, and enhance their already vital work through a unique, new organisation in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The Benjamin Britten Foundation will be able to promote Britten and Pears' legacy and vision more effectively and consistently. This includes the performance of Britten's music and new music, supporting composition and creativity, showcasing their art collection, manuscripts and archives, and wider cultural and learning activities celebrating their values and lives, centred around the built heritage at Snape and The Red House in Suffolk where Britten's life and music was firmly embedded. Presenting their legacy in one overarching organisation, across both campuses, will provide a complete and focused story and encourage meaningful and broad cultural activity and education in, and beyond, its geographical and historical context.

The two boards intend to merge, and the new organisation will be co-chaired by Snape Maltings Chair, Sir Simon Robey and Britten-Pears Foundation Chair, Sir Vernon Ellis. Roger Wright, Chief Executive of Snape Maltings, will become the Chief Executive of the Benjamin Britten Foundation and Sarah Bardwell, Chief Executive of the Britten-Pears Foundation will become the Executive Director of the Benjamin Britten Foundation.

The full legal merger of the Britten-Pears Foundation and Snape Maltings to form the Benjamin Britten Foundation will take place by April 2020. However, in the meantime the two entities will increasingly work together not only to finalise the technical and legal processes of the merger but also immediately to realise the opportunities and synergies from bringing the organisations together. Britten-Pears Foundation Chairman, Sir Vernon Ellis and Snape Maltings, Chairman, Sir Simon Robey commented, 'Merging to create one foundation is an exciting and logical development for both organisations. Moving forwards as one organisation will enable us to sustain ourselves in to the future and to protect the legacy of Britten and Pears. We can't wait to get started'.

Sarah Bardwell, Chief Executive of the Britten-Pears Foundation and Roger Wright, Chief Executive of Snape Maltings commented, 'It was Britten and Pears' intention to have one foundation and by merging we will create new possibilities and opportunities to promote their legacies. Bringing together our activities allows us to expand the creative campus across both sites and to move forwards as a unified organisation which will continue to champion the heritage and archive at The Red House and to support performance and talent development at Snape Maltings'.

Composer Colin Matthews, Britten's assistant in the 1970s and a founder trustee of the Britten-Pears Foundation said, 'Britten and Pears were passionate in their wish to secure their legacy through the work of the bodies that they initiated. A merger achieves exactly that in a remarkable fusion of the two organisations, and promises a very bright future for both'. For further press information please contact Rebecca Driver Media Relations (e-mail: or ; Tel: 020 3691 7034 | Web site:

The Britten-Pears Foundation ( is based at The Red House, the former home of Britten and Pears, in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The Foundation maintains, conserves, and develops The Red House as a major heritage site and through exhibitions, events, concerts, and interpretation of the collections, visitors are encouraged to learn more about the life and work of Britten and Pears. With five acres of beautiful gardens and dedicated activities for families and children, visitors are able to enjoy the space and peaceful setting. It also supports composers and artists by offering retreats. The Foundation has a unique collection of manuscripts, documents, art, and multimedia material held in a purpose built archive which is one of the U.K.'s most important centres of music research. The holdings of manuscripts and other source materials are unrivalled in their breadth and depth by any other single composer collection. Their significance has been recognised through Arts Council England's Designation scheme.

Snape Maltings ( is a unique place of energy and inspiration and one of the world's leading centres of music, hosting outstanding concerts and festivals throughout the year, from the flagship Aldeburgh Festival--one of the world's most significant classical events--to the broad range of music including folk, world music, and jazz of the Snape Proms. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the Suffolk coast, it is the realisation of Suffolk-born composer Benjamin Britten's vision of a creative campus where musicians of all ages, backgrounds, and career stages are given the time, space, and support to develop their work and create new work surrounded by the natural environment. Snape Maltings is a remarkable collection of Victorian industrial buildings, redeveloped to house world-class concerts and events, distinctive independent shops, cafes, galleries, and walks. It has abundant wildlife and is set against a breathtaking expanse of reeds, water, and sky. The proposed site developments will expand this vision by providing more accommodation and additional music studios to allow for a growth in residencies as well as the significant advancement of Snape Maltings as a central hub for the U.K.'s work in music and wellbeing.

Global Music Production Company Rehegoo Music Group and Quincy Jones Produc tions, owned by Grammy Legend Award-winner Quincy Jones, have entered into an unprecedented joint-venture to promote underground artists and give them a voice in the music industry. Up until now, these undiscovered, self-producing artists, otherwise known as "bedroom artists" have been drowned out amid the mass-marketing of the industry's most dominant labels and agencies. With the advent of digital music platforms, Rehegoo Music has been able to develop and promote the music of various new artists by strategically placing their music on such platforms, and exposing their music to the mass-market. With a similar mission, Quincy Jones Productions (QJP) has signed-on, forming Q&R Music, LLC, in order to leverage his world-renowned star power and help create a platform for undiscovered artists to reach a wider fanbase.

"We are very excited about joining forces with Quincy Jones Productions as we continue to pave the way for our new artists", said Mattia Esposito, COO of Rehegoo Music. "Our strategic, success-driven approach to digital music distribution combined with Quincy's world-class access to talent and experience in the music industry will open a new frontier for underground talent".

The primary mission of the newly formed entity, Q&R Music, is to give talented, hardworking artists access to the same exposure and recourses as today's stars. That includes fair royalty payments. Rehegoo has created a 100 percent transparent, reliable, automatic system where artists can register their work and protect their copyrights. Through the registration system, artists will be guaranteed a fair payout, regardless of how big or small their fanbase is.

In March 2019, the system was introduced to the industry via the Rehegoo Streaming Platform, designed for businesses and set to launch worldwide.

Q&R Music, LLC, is a joint venture between Quincy Jones Productions, the label affiliate of legendary music icon Quincy Jones, and Rehegoo Music Group, a global music company dedicated to the development and promotion of undiscovered artists. The company's management and music development team are committed to innovation and creativity, producing groundbreaking original music in a wide range of genres. The mission of Q&R Music, LLC is to give hard-working, talented, and deserving artists the chance to be heard, and a broader platform through which to share their music. For more information on Rehegoo Music Group, please visit For more information on QJP, please visit

The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) has recently received significant donations to its collection. Chief among these are the Richard W. Zirinsky Jr. CD Collection of over 41,000 discs. Richard W. Zirinsky Jr. (1964-2018) was a collector and the co-founder of the independent Brazilian jazz label, Adventure Music. The collection of CDs comprise mostly rock music with about 10,000 Brazilian releases, 5,000 reggae, and a remarkable collection of more than 2,000 box sets, all in mint condition. There are also 800 LPs and thousands of live recordings, made off the boards at hundreds of venues from around the world. This remarkable collection was generously donated by his family.

Other recent donations in April-May include:

* 987 CDs from Kurt Carrington

* Hundreds of LPs from The New School Libraries

* 1,127 LPs from Sarah Weingarten

* 5,099 country LPs from the estate of Lloyd Oliver Pierson

* 6,884 LPs from Sheila Langan

* 16,836 CDs from Jeff Daniel

* Ira Berger's Jazz Archive donated more than 500 jazz books and magazines and 2,000 Jazz live interviews, radio transcriptions, and oral history tapes

* 7,000 discs (78 rpms, LPs and CDs) from Donald Hess

ARC has also now finished its digitisation project with Internet Archive. We collected more than 250,000 78 rpm discs, with over 122,000 sides that are now available online for listening as part of the Great 78 Project (

With generous support from the Grammy Foundation, Juilliard has digitised 483 reel-to-reel tape recordings from its first decade of audio recording, 1951 to 1959. "Digitizing Juilliard's History", available at presents links to these recordings, along with programs from the performances. Digitisation work was performed by George Blood LP in 2018.

The tapes from Juilliard's first decade of audio recording were made during the tenure of its third and legendary president, the composer William Schuman, who served from 1945 to 1961. Schuman (winner of the first Pulitzer Prize in Music) significantly expanded Juilliard's mission with the establishment of its Dance Division, under the direction of Martha Hill, in 1951. Among the Dance Division's founding faculty members were Martha Graham, Antony Tudor, and Jose Limon. Schuman also established the Juilliard String Quartet as the School's quartet in residence. He fostered an active commissioning program for new works, many of which were premiered for the School's fiftieth anniversary celebration "Festival of American Music" in February 1956.

Among the notable performances preserved from the above festival are the performance of Schuman's own Violin Concerto with Isaac Stern as soloist and the premiere of Juilliard's fiftieth anniversary commission of Aaron Copland's Piano Fantasy by William Masselos. Other performances preserved feature the Juilliard String Quartet in performances from its own first decade; performances by distinguished faculty members including pianist Rosina Lhevinne, cellist Leonard Rose, and singer Jennie Tourel; student performances by pianist Van Cliburn, singers Leontyne Price (in a performance of Verdi's Falstaff) and Shirley Verrett Carter; and, a chamber music concert with faculty members Julius Baker (flute), Marcel Grandjany (harp), and Walter Trampler (viola) performing Debussy's Sonata for flute, viola, and harp.

Notable for this first decade of audio recordings was the capture of lectures presented at the School, including John Cage's "Unpredictability in Music," and "A Demonstration of the RCA Synthesizer".

Web site development, metadata schema, project management, and cataloguing work was accomplished by Digital Media Librarian, Eric Mortensen, with the assistance of other members of the library and archives staff.

The Academy of Music Library in Zagreb, Croatia received a significant donation in December 2018 of brand new books from the German association Die Tonkunst e.V. ( in Weimar. The donation, including recent titles of books in German, was most welcome by the library, which is without funding for the acquisition of new materials, and an extremely difficult situation for faculty and students.
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