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Fujitsu Microelectronics has produced a single-chip satellite digital demodulator, the MB86660A, for use in DVB and DSS at a price of US$4.95 for a 48-pin QFB in quantities of 50,000 per month.

Objective Systems Integrators has released NetExpert, an operations support system framework which meets BSI criteria and has been Y2K compliance-tested on Sun, Hewlett-Packard and IBM platforms and Oracle and Informix databases.

Hewlett-Packard has released the HP OmniBook 7150 notebook PC, which is expected to be available in October 1998 at an estimated price of GBP3044.80 and adds to the HP OmniBook series.

ARM has released AEB-1, an evaluation board, to enable designers to become familiar with a standard ARM processor more easily, which is available in an introductory package for US$150.

Ingram Micro Division and Polyspan Teleconferencing have signed an agreement to distribute the Polyspan ViewStation 128 group videoconferencing system.

Enabled Systems, a UK IT provider, is developing a software toolkit to enable communication between Product Data Management systems.

CMG, a European IT services group, has collaborated with the UK's Met. Office to ensure the Y2K compliance of its IT systems in a contract valued at GBP750,000.

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Date:Sep 11, 1998
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