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BEFORE you reach for expensive creams and lotions to give yourself a boost - make a cup of tea.

You could find the answer to a number of ailments in a simple cuppa. Medical herbalist Dee Atkinson of Napiers, which has clinics in Edinburgh and Glasgow, says: "Herbal teas are useful for treating many common ailments and are available from health food shops and herbalists.

"You can also buy loose tea and make your own mixture to use with a tea ball."

Dee has come up with 20 ways to improve your life with a cup of tea.

1. Drink camomile tea to help relieve hayfever - it has anti-allergy properties.

2. An elderflower teabag in a bowl of hot water helps a cold if you cover your head with a towel and inhale to ease sinus congestion.

3. Place two cold camomile teabags on tired or puffy eyes and leave for 10

minutes to help reduce swelling.

4. Gargle black tea to treat mouth ulcers and sooth sore throats.

5. Sage teabags are great for helping sore throats because of their antiseptic qualities.

6. Soak two elderflower teabags in warm water for a rinse for dry hair.

7. Drink ginger tea to help with nausea, including morning and travel sickness.

8. Two camomile teabags placed on each temple are good for relieving tension headaches as they contain blue azulene which calms the nervous system.

9. Nettle tea is a good cure for helping hayfever.

10. Add cold tea from green teabags to a plain face mask to detoxify the skin and help prevent ageing.

11. Treat indigestion or bad breath with fennel tea.

12. Place peppermint and sage teabags in warm water to soak tired or aching feet - it also helps deal with smelly feet.

13. Drink camomile tea before bed if you have problems sleeping.

14. Soak rosehip teabags in water to use as a facial wash to help prevent acne as it has antiseptic qualities.

15. Use nettle teabags as a rinse hair tonic to strengthen hair folicles.

16. Splash cold camomile tea to soothe itchy skin.

17. Ginger teabags are useful when soaked in warm water and used as a

poultice for painful arthritic joints because ginger is a warming stimulant.

18. Drink peppermint tea after a meal to help deal with indigestion.

19. Breast-feeding mums should drink camomile tea if their babies are suffering from colic.

20. Warm ginger teabags are a great remedy for earache if placed over each ear. They act as a heat stimulant, helping to soothe earache caused by cold weather or water.

For further information contact Napiers helpline on 0131 553 3500.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 2001
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