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IRISH TV star Brendan Courtney looks set to become the Next Big Thing in the UK after his Wanderlust programme was snapped up by British TV.

Living TV plan to show the wacky computer dating show FIVE times a week to its 10 million viewers from April 1.

And then the station will launch its own British version of the popular show with Brendan still in the hot seat as presenter.

The camp presenter, known for his cheeky one-liners, could soon become as well known across the water as those other gay Irish icons, Graham Norton and Big Brother star Brian Dowling.

Women's magazine Company is already planning a two page feature on the Irish star in their next month's edition.

And other TV companies have been lining up to get the 30-year-old on their books.

He has already done a pilot show for BBC2 and has sold a licence for another original idea to the Beeb which he would also present.

He is also in talks with both BBC and Channel 4 over another proposed television show and currently presents Hollywood Raw on Living TV.

"It's all very positive news and I am very happy," said Brendan who invented the Wanderlust format for Tyrone Productions who make the show for RTE.

"This time last year my plan was to get Wanderlust in production in the UK.

"That's what I wanted more than anything because it is a credible format and it works.

"Although the show has been sold to other countries I wanted to present the UK version and that is now going to happen.

"To be Irish and quick witted is what they seem to want in Britain at the moment."
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 17, 2002
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