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 MIDLOTHIAN, Va., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Brenco Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: BREN), a $100 million (in sales) manufacturing company headquartered in Petersburg, Va., has recently purchased a license for the exclusive rights to the patent for the Mechanical Diode(TM) (MD) clutch from Epilogics Inc. in California. Brenco, primarily a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings for railcars and forgings for automotive transmissions, is now tooling the one-way clutch to launch in 1994. The company has committed to fund a major effort in research and development to bring new one-way clutch technology to its automotive customers. With the purchase of the MD license, Brenco received exclusive North American rights to all automotive MD clutch applications, with the exception of auto racing.
 Initially developed for use in lightweight automotive racing transmissions, the MD clutch offers substantial advantages in size, weight, and performance over current sprag and roller-type clutches. It has proven itself more reliable than wedge-action clutch designs, and less sensitive to vibration, temperature and centrifugal force. The exceptional strength of the MD clutch makes it an excellent component for use with the engines of today's automobiles that exceed the limits of conventional sprag-based clutches.
 One-way clutches are used in numerous markets, including automotive, aircraft, industrial, construction, and recreational. However, the sale of the one-way clutch in the automotive market represents the largest opportunity with over $1 billion potential sales for automatic transmissions alone. It is estimated that potentially half of this current business may be converted from sprag and roller-type to the Brenco type, and we are optimistic that the new transmissions will design in the Brenco MD clutch. Current transmission designs are expected to be improved with quality enhancements to handle higher torque and RPM specifications in the near future. Brenco is conducting tests of the one-way MD clutches on Ford, GM, and Chrysler models on an on-going basis.
 For more information on the MD clutch and its capabilities, please contact Rick Frank, Brenco's director of automotive technology and marketing, at (804) 732-0202.
 Some Background History On Our Company
 Brenco is one of the country's leading designers and manufacturers of tapered roller bearing assemblies for railcars. The bearing is the anti-friction device that sits between the wheel journal and the railroad truck assembly and allows the wheel to turn freely. Originally founded in 1949 to produce bronze journal bearings for railcars, Brenco turned its attention to the production of the tapered roller bearing in 1962. Roller bearings offered many advantages over the bronze journal bearings; they were safer, more reliable, required little service, and generally performed for the lifetime of the wheel.
 Railroad products and related services still account for most of Brenco's sales today; however, sales are steadily increasing in the area of specialty rolled ring forgings, including ring gears and one-way clutch races for transmissions used in the automotive and industrial markets. Brenco supplies bearings to approximately 27 countries worldwide, including India, Brazil, and Australia. It is continually expanding its presence in the export market.
 Brenco's Powertrain Products Division
 By the early 1980s, Brenco had expanded its railroad OEM business to include ring gears and now, one-way clutch races for the automotive market. Powertrain Products Division (PPD) has evolved into a leading manufacturer of rolled ring forgings and one-way clutches used in automotive transmissions. The inner and outer one-way clutch races that Brenco produces are the largest to ever be installed in American automatic transmissions. In 1989, Brenco received the prestigious Ford Q-1 Preferred Quality Award in recognition of its outstanding Quality Assurance program.
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