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BRED TO KILL; EXCLUSIVE IRELAND PITBULL HORROR EXPOSED Sickening guide helps the bloodthirsty trainers transform dogs into crazed fighting machines.

IRELAND'S pitbull gangs rely on a 46-page "bible" that explains how to train their dogs to become killers.

Entitled Conditioning Methods, it takes readers on a gruesome journey of subjecting their dogs to excruciating exercise, a high protein, low fat diet, drugs, fierce discipline and psychology.

The result is a dog with a killer character, little body fat, huge muscles, dense bones and the temperament to keep fighting until it drops, dies or is lifted by its owner.

The glossary gives newcomers to the world of pitbull fighting enough information to have a conversation with old hands:

Bat ears: Erect ears usually rounded on the top.

Breaking stick:A wedge-shaped stick used to break the hold of a dog in a fight, also called a parting stick. The technique is to work the stick as far into the mouth as necessary until the dog's hold on the opponent is broken. A breaking stick should be owned by anyone who has a pitbull.

Buckskin: Light fawn colouration of the pitbull.

Catch dog: A pitbull that can be used for catching wild boar and rough domestic stock.

Cold Dog: A pitbull that will absolutely not fight. They should never be bred.

Cur: Any dog other than a pitbull.

Cur out: To demonstrate a lack of gameness, a quitter. Signs of a dog about to quit a fight are growling, crying out, making a turn and starting to snap.

Gambler's delight: A dog that shows bad signs but is game for a fight and talented.

Grand champion: A dog that has won a fight five times.

Keep: An other pit term that refers to the training camp of a pitbull to be matched. Means a dog will be isolated from other dogs and keeping him quiet during exercise periods.

Natural ears: Uncropped. Cropped ears produce a sharp, tough look and make the breed appear more uniform. Cropping will not have an outcome on a match.

Old Family: A family of pitbulls that was exported from Ireland to America in the 1950s.

Pit dog: A dog that is used in contract matches.

Pit weight: The fighting weight of a pitbull terrier. The dogs are brought down to their most efficient weight for pit contests.

Pit wise: Also referred to as "pit intelligence".

Dogs that are pit wise have learned from experience, use clever holds and manoeuvres and are clever at using the vulnerable points in the opponent dog's fighting style.

Red: Refers to almost every shade of fawn except the very light.

Red nose: A copper-coloured nose shown by all pure members of the Old Family Red Nose strain.

Roll: A practice or training bout, or a match at which no money is at stake.

Scratch: A method by which the dog must demonstrate its willingness to continue a match. The scratch consists of a dog crossing the pit and taking hold of its opponent for a specified count.

Scratch line: A line drawn diagonally across the corner of the pit. The dog must not move over it before being released by its handler.

Springpole: A device for exercising a pitbull. A leather belt or animal hide is attached to a heavy spring so the dog can jump up and grab.

Treadmill: A device used to make the Pit Bull exercise. The two main types are carpet mills and slat mills.

Turn: A pit term that refers to a dog turning its head and shoulders away from its opponent.

Tuck: Any of the four canine teeth. Also known as fangs.


BARBARIC: Some of the gruesome photographs the Mirror received during its investigation into the illegal dog-fighting world
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 7, 2006
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