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BREAKTIME: Fifty for Fun.

Byline: Phil Brown

1 Who has been elected to succeed Vladimir Putin as Russian president?

2 Apart from Michael Douglas, which Hollywood star's birth name was Michael Douglas (changed because actors' guild rules forbid such clashes)?

3 At 19,551 feet, Mount Logan is the highest point of which country?

4 To which continent is the world's largest rodent, the capybara, native?

5 Which European city lies at the mouth of the river Douro?

6 In which tennis tournament did Scot Andy Murray knock world No 1 Roger Federer out in the first round on Monday?

7 The name of the 1990s boy band East 17 was taken from the postcode for which part of London?

8 In the news this week, in which country has a court ordered a "stingy" man to pay his wife her full dowry of 124,000 roses?

9 Albatross, Get Back and Bad Moon Rising were all No 1 singles in which year?

10 Which acclaimed film director made his first feature, Fear And Desire, in 1953 - and later in life tried to buy up every print to stop people seeing it?

11 Which dog breed was developed by 19th century aristocrat Dudley Marjoribanks, Baron Tweedmouth, on his estate in the Scottish Highlands?

12 Which other leading US politician was killed in a famous duel by then vice-president Aaron Burr in 1804?

13 On which racecourse is the King George VI Chase run?

14 Which leading orchestra has just played an unprecedented concert in North Korea?

15 For what two linked discoveries is US scientist Asaph Hall remembered?

16 Which Roman emperor was killed and his troops routed by the Goths at the battle of Adrianople in 378AD?

17 The Anacreontic Song, sung by a club of London musicians in th 18th century, lent its melody to which far more famous song?

18 The Diolkos, a candidate for the world's first railway, was a stone-grooved track built in about 600BC to move boats across an isthmus in which country?

19 In 1951, Kerstin Hakansson became the first person to hold which title?

20 Which contemporary novelist created the recurrent characters "Rabbit" Angstrom and Henry Bech?

21 The ancient Syrian goddess Atargatis is an early example of which still well-known mythical creature's form?

22 Which hit 1994 Australian film had a heroine from the (thankfully) fictional town of Porpoise Spit?

23 To which country do the Lofoten Islands belong?

24 In some mountainous regions of Asia, what kind of creature is a tahr?

25 In which English county is the borough of Dacorum?

26 Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young have been associated with which hard rock group since 1973?

27 Which two players scored for Arsenal this week as they became the first English club to beat AC Milan in the San Siro stadium?

28 Which important literary work bears a dedication to a never-identified Mr WH?

29 Which sporting contest first recorded from the Swedish-Norwegian border in 1767 became a full Olympic sport in 1960?

30 On what 20th century incident did the official Warren Commission reach controversial conclusions?

31 Balaton - with an average depth of just 10 feet despite being almost 50 miles long - is the largest lake in which European country?

32 Which actor connects Star Wars, Lawrence Of Arabia and Kind Hearts And Coronets?

33 Necho II, who according to Herodotus ordered the first successful circumnavigation of Africa by sea, ruled which ancient power?

34 Rubus fruticosus is the scientific name for which wild plant with very edible fruit?

35 Taranis was the ancient Gaulish and British Celtic god of what?

36 On which two islands are orang utans found in the wild?

37 Which legendarily tough-tackling 19th century Scottish laird holds the record of 9 FA Cup Final appearances (for Wanderers and Old Etonians)?

38 Which former British colonial possession's name translates as "Fragrant Harbour"?

39 Which Charles Dickens novel's full title concludes: "A Tale Of The Riots Of Eighty"?

40 What was the name of the FARC rebel leader killed by Colombian forces in a raid at the weekend which has caused a major diplomatic row with neighbours Ecuador and Venezuela?

41 Which singer caused a stir with a politically-charged shout of "Tibet! Tibet!" at the end of her recent concert in Shanghai?

42 What still-popular pastime was invented, or at least commercialised, as an educational aid by London mapmaker John Spilsbury in the 1760s?

43 What mineral, in particular, is contained in water from chalybeate springs?

44 What was the title of the 1999 film version of Les Liaisons Dangereuses starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair?

45 What kind of research linked the sites of Peenemunde in Germany and White Sands in New Mexico, US?

46 The 1911 horror novel The Lair Of The White Worm has been filmed once, in 1988 - but which novel by the same author has been filmed many times?

47 Monte Cassino in Italy was the site of the first monastery founded by which saint, author of a much-followed monastic Rule?

48 Which luxury car maker began in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company of Coventry?

49 In the Jeeves and Wooster stories of PG Wodehouse, what is the first name of the valet Jeeves?

50 In the world of extremely small measurements, how many femtometres are there in a picometre?


1 Dmitry Dedvedev; 2 Michael keaton's; 3 Canada;4 South America; 5 Porto (in Portugal); 6 The Dubai Championship; 7 Walthamstow; 8 Iran; 9 In 1969; 10 Stanley Kurbrick; 11 The golden retriever; 12 Aaron Burr; 13 Kempton Park; 14 The New York Philharmonic; 15 Martian Moons Phobos and Deimos; 16 Valens; 17 The US national anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner); 18 Greece; 19 Miss World; 20 John Updike; 21 The mermaid; 22 Muriel's Wedding; 23 Norway; 24 a wild goat; 25 Hertfordshire; 26 AC/DC; 27 Fabregas and Adebayor; 28 Shakespeare's sonnets; 29 Biathlon (it had been contested as "military Patrol" in 1924; 30 The assassination of president Kennedy; 31 Hungary; 32 Sir Alec Guninness; 33 Egypt; 34 The blackberry; 35 Thunder; 36 borneo and Sum, atra; 37 Arthur Kinaird; 38 Hong Kong's; 39 Barnaby Rudge; 40 Raul Reyes; 41 Bjork; 42 The Jigsaw puzzle; 43 Iron; 44 Cruel Intentions; 45 Rocketry; 46 Dracula (by Bram Stoker); 47 St Benedict; 48 Jaguar; 49 Reginald (not revelaed until the penultimate story in 1971); 50 A thousand (a femtometre is a thousand million millionth of a metre).


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Date:Mar 8, 2008
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