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BRAT-NEY SPEARS; EXCLUSIVE: Teen star not a good girl now.


TEEN angel Britney Spears is turning into a brat from hell, say friends.

The gorgeous singer shed her goody two shoes image recently by going on a six-hour booze binge and having her nipples pierced.

Now her parents Lynne and Jamie fear she is taking things too far with rude gestures to fans and wearing a tee-shirt sporting the slogan "f**k you".

They also believe her stage performances have been too raunchy.

A pal said: "Britney's really taking it too far - she's out of control now.

"Her mum and dad are frantic with worry.

"Their lovely daughter has turned into a nightmare - it looks like all her success has gone to her head and she is getting too big for her boots."

Even one of America's leading TV presenters, Katie Couric, said: "She's too provocative and sexual for her age. She's not what I'd like my daughters to be."

Britney, 18, claims to be a virgin and built her career on her wholesome image.

But her outfits have become increasingly daring and she has said that it's all right for women to have sex without being in love.

This month she went on a bender in Germany during her world tour, sinking cocktails and dancing on a bar top.

her nipples and belly button pierced.

A music industry source said: "Many people are becoming concerned about Britney.

"Parents have looked on her in the past as a great role model for their kids but they must be becoming concerned at the way she is behaving now.

"There's no doubt her act is becoming sexier and things like the cocktail drinking session are helping to change her image.

"But then again she is a young woman who wants to be able to do the things other young women do.

"Despite all the money and fame, it must be hard for her to be in the public eye every day.

"Sometimes she must want to be like to be a normal teenager."


WORRIED: Lynne and Jamie; BRITNEY CHEERS: The squeaky clean pop star's antics in a German cocktail bar shocked pals
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 16, 2000
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