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Dynamic Logic, New York, an independent research company that analyzes marketing effectiveness, has launched its new MarketNorms(TM) database.

MarketNorms is a leading industry source of online marketing and advertising effectiveness data. The latest offering by Dynamic Logic provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with the ability to analyze and compare a campaign's effectiveness to averages overall as well within specific sub-groups such as industry, ad format, and target audience.

"Brand managers have long been asking for standard benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of their online campaigns, " said Nick Nyhan, president of Dynamic Logic. "We've taken our time in unveiling this comprehensive database, basing it on thousands of ads tested and hundreds of thousands of respondents. We are hearing from advertisers, agencies and publishers that the database has unique value. "

MarketNorms Version 1.0 contains data from 5,025 ad units and 489,829 respondents. This version represents Q3/.02 data set and will be updated quarterly. In addition to serving as a post-campaign benchmarking tool, MarketNorms can be used as a pre-campaign tool for buyers and sellers to set goals and strategize on how to tailor a campaign for optimal cost-effectiveness. MarketNorms is sold as a syndicated service that enables registered users to look at their own data and/or look at the overall MarketNorms dataset for comparison. The four key metrics are Brand Awareness, Message Association, Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent. More metrics and data are being added and new releases will have additional data points.

The MarketNorms database allows inquiries across audience demographics, vertical category, ad format, and a host of others categories. For example, the database will provide insight into variables such as the following:

- Optimal frequency

- What works best with what target audience

- Relative effectiveness of different ad formats

- Impact of ad variations and creative considerations

"I expect that the MarketNorms database will prove to be incredibly powerful. We've reached the stage where we know now that online advertising works - what's proved a particular challenge for a lot of marketers is their lack of understanding and confidence in precisely how WELL it works. MarketNorms addresses that need," said Dr. Tony Romeo, CEO of Strategic Dynamics, a strategy and marketing consulting firm, and former founder and chairman of the Interactive Brand Center at Unilever. Romeo recently co-authored a white paper on online advertising entitled "Getting Real" in which he uses MarketNorms data.

Romeo continued, "Using standardized marketing effectiveness measurements, Dynamic Logic has created a vehicle that captures the learning from hundreds of campaigns. MarketNorms offers hard evidence of what works and what doesn't. It can be a very useful tool to support marketers and agencies in designing their campaigns."

MarketNorms is the latest offering from Dynamic Logic. Their flagship product, AdIndex(TM), provides independent, third-party measurement of branding effectiveness across many online marketing platforms including buttons, banner ads, large formats, rich media, interstitials, streaming video and audio, and sponsorships. AdIndex Email, a follow up to AdIndex, quantifies the impact of email marketing from a branding and loyalty perspective.

About Dynamic Logic

Dynamic Logic is a leading independent research company that analyzes marketing effectiveness. Dynamic Logic has offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London and its clients include Kraft, Unilever, Renault, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Kimberly Clark, Carat, J Walter Thompson, Media Contacts, MSN, Yahoo, AOL Time Warner and iVillage.

For more information, call 212/827-3762.
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Title Annotation:Dynamic Logic's MarketNorms database
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Date:Dec 1, 2002

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